Property Market Positives

Rob Whisson of Belvoir! Evesham explains why the current property market still provides plenty of opportunities for positive buyers and sellers.

“The media consistently reports a stagnant property market, yet industry experts, like us, believe that it remains brimming with opportunities. New properties continuously enter the market for sale, irrespective of the prevailing conditions, as people inevitably need to move for various reasons.

While there may be a reduced number of prospective buyers and fewer property viewings currently, it’s important to remember that just one buyer is all it takes to sell your property.

The present property market has evolved from what we’ve become accustomed to in recent years. Change is inevitable, and we must adapt to it.

Seller’s desire to sell and a buyer’s need to purchase are often seen as distinct motivations. However, viewed differently, each fulfils the other’s needs, offering a mutually beneficial solution. Skilled estate agents identify these ideal opportunities and bring together sellers and buyers when the timing is right.

One significant factor contributing to a successful property sale is setting a realistic price. Keep in mind that this is relative to what you intend to buy next.

While some of our competitors claim that this market is inactive and offers them little to do, we remain busy, as we see potential in every market.”

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