Style of Houses

There are a number of different style of houses that the team at Belvoir Estate Agents Cannock visit on a day by day basis, if you were wondering what types of properties are available and what is the difference between them see some different styles below;

There are various types of houses, each with its own architectural style, features, and characteristics. Here are some common types of houses:

Single-Family Detached House:

A standalone house intended for a single family.

Typically has its own yard or garden space.

Offers privacy and often includes multiple floors.


A building divided into two separate living units, each with its own entrance.

Can be side-by-side or one unit above the other.


Also known as row houses or townhomes.

Connected houses in a row, sharing walls with neighboring units.

Often have multiple floors and a small yard or patio.



Small, cozy houses, often with a rustic or quaint appearance.

Commonly found in rural or scenic areas.


Single-story or sometimes with a small loft.

Characterized by a low-pitched roof and wide, covered porches.

Log Cabin:

Made from logs or timber, with a rustic and natural aesthetic.

Historically used as rural dwellings, now often used for vacation homes.

Our dedicated Lettings and Sales Specialist tend not to have to visit Log Cabin’s in Cannock very often however if you have any questions or queries about house types or styles feel free to call Belvoir Estate Agents Cannock or Belvoir Letting Agents Cannock on 01543 500011 to find out more.