Tenants - What to expect from an inspection

When you are new to renting, it can somethimes be a surprise that landlords and lettings agents carry out inspections regularly, but rest assured there is nothing to worry about!
The main reason inspections are carried out is to check the overall condition of a property, mainly to check that everything is in working order and is being looked after to a reasonable standard. They will check the inside and the outside of the property.

The amount of time between inspections can range from quarterly, bi-yearly to yearly depending on the length of tenancy amongst other things. At Belvoir Camberley we agree that inspections should be conducted at a reasonable time of the day, and don't worry there won't be any surprise visits, you will always be given notice that an inspection is being booked. We'll ask you if you will be home or if you are happy for us to use a key if you can't be at home at that time.

We know that for some tenants, inspections can feel quite intrusive but as long as the property is being looked after as you would expect someone else to look after yours then there really is no need to be concerned at all. In fact you may find it makes life easier, especially when it comes to things like spotting repairs and routine maintenance that keeps your home safe and well maintained for you. As a tenant you may not think to report some small issues but the agent can note it and get it organised to be sorted.

Inspections normally take from 10 minutes upwards, and will generally involve the landlord or agent just checking around the property visually, quite often they will have a checklist and take notes to make sure they cover everything. This allows them to avoid problems before they become too big or expensive by keeping track of the condition over a period of time, and ensuring that no excessive damage has been caused to the property during the tenancy.

So as a Belvoir tenant we want you to remember that landlords and agents honestly aren’t there to pick faults with you and we certainly aren't looking to find any reasons to not continue renting to you. If you work office hours, as we do when we do the inspections, then you'll find the inspection will be during the daytime when you may not be in and will be over before you know it.