What to see in the Midlands

Whether you’re looking for flats to rent in Birmingham, or moving into a country manor on the outskirts of Bingham, it’s always a good thing to note your surroundings, especially if they’re a reason to stay. The Midlands has plenty to offer in this regard, with sights and attractions for all interests.
See, we at Belvoir know what makes a home and it’s not just the space you live in, but also its surroundings. You want to be somewhere you’re proud to bring your friends and family; somewhere you feel happy and secure in; and most importantly, somewhere you feel welcome.

With that in mind, you might want to know why we feel the Midlands are so special so, to help you out we’ve put together a list of our favourite places to see there.

Library of Birmingham – Birmingham

An absolute triumph in architecture, the Library of Birmingham features a subterranean amphitheatre, viewing decks, a spiralling interior and a glass elevator that goes to the 7th-floor ‘secret garden’ which provides some of the most beautiful views over the city. The library is able to boast a heavy amount of archives, photography and some of the rarest book collections, which includes one of the oldest collections of Shakespeare. There are also gallery spaces, over 160 computers and, most importantly, a cafe.

Bradgate Park – Newton Linford

With over 800 acres accessible to the public, Bradgate Park has a wild and authentic aspect to it; a rare find so close to the city. With its gnarled old oak trees and rocky outcrops, the park is glistening with beauty that makes it the perfect day out. Fun fact: The birthplace of one of England’s shortest reigning queens, Bradgate House can be found on the grounds.

Robin Hood Statue- Nottingham

While it might only appear to be a statue, the beautifully crafted sculpture brings to life one of England’s most famous rogues. The statue not only brings an interpretation of Robin Hood, but one which gives an insight into British history. The sculptor had researched the details vigorously, creating a piece that depicts how historians believed medieval foresters from the period to look like. Located next to Nottingham’s equally as stunning castle, this insight into British history would have the approval of all the merry men (even Will Scarlett).

Cadbury’s World- Birmingham

If you ever saw ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ and were disappointed that you couldn’t visit the sweetie world yourself, Cadbury’s World is the next best thing. Located 4 miles south of Birmingham, it aims to educate visitors with a history of cocoa and the Cadbury family. The deal is ultimately sweetened with free samples, displays of chocolate making, and chocolate themed rides. Yummy!

We hope this short in-sight into the beauty of midlands has been enough to convince anyone of making a trip here! Perhaps even after visiting, you’ll be so entranced you won’t want to leave. If that’s the case, we have got you covered. Belvoir Birmingham are a professional and experienced letting service, who are dedicated to helping people find the perfect property so whether you’re looking to rent or let a property, we will be happy to help.

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