Spring Clean Up: Home Cleaning Tips for the New Year

Back at work yet still putting off doing the big “after christmas” clean up? There’s no greater time to have a home clean-up than the beginning of a new year. Whether it’s your own home or a rental property, read on for some of our top tips.

The Kitchen

A sparklingly clean kitchen is everyone’s dream, especially when you spend a lot of time entertaining guests. However, if you were in charge of the big roast this Christmas, now might be the perfect time to give your oven a deep clean, as well as your fridge and cupboards now that they’re emptied of all that food. Oven cleans can be time-consuming, but some companies offer dedicated oven-clean services and often feature on coupon websites so look out for these. A commercially cleaned oven is a treat that only those who have experienced it can attest to.


If time is of the essence, you need to prioritise. Everyone can have a house that appears spick and span and really isn’t if they know which bits to clean. First off, if you are stuck for time, only clean your downstairs windows as most visitors won’t be heading upstairs anyway. Concentrate on your bathrooms too, as this is where people have a chance to sit down and inspect the dust and grime situation.

Rental properties

If you are getting a rental property cleaned because tenants have left, then this is a great time to get it done. Birmingham-based landlords can speak to letting agents Belvoir Birmingham Central about finding the perfect tenant for your property. Good advice is to choose a dedicated cleaning service which will give it the deep clean it needs after the last rental period. This also gives you more time to clean your own family home.

If you’re looking for a clean house in 2017, then you need to get prepared as soon as possible. If you’re having a clean-up ahead of getting new tenants in, then contact us today for advice on local cleaning services and the competitive letting rates we can offer you today.