4 Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property to Rent

Deciding to rent a property shouldn’t be a decision that you rush into lightly. It can often be easy to get carried away when you see a property that you like, only to be disappointed about certain things once you’ve moved in.

It’s important to ask the landlord these (or estate agent) essential questions when viewing a property, as the answer to these could have an impact on whether you choose to rent the place or not.

Can I Decorate?

Before you get carried away with thinking about what colours you’re going to paint the bedroom or what wallpaper you think would look fantastic in the living room, it’s important that you ask whether you’re allowed to do any decorating. This changes from landlord to landlord, with some happy to let you do as you wish and others not wanting you to change anything. A lot of landlords will have a clause that says it must be restored to the way it was before you move out.

Are Pets Allowed?

The subject of pets has always been confusing when it comes to renting. On a lot of property listings you will see a line that says ‘no pets allowed.’ This makes it extremely hard for people with pets to find somewhere to rent. However, it’s worth asking the question when looking around a property. They may be willing to budge if extra money is paid, or the rule could just apply to dogs and not cats or apply to cats and not dogs. You need to ask before signing any contracts.

What is the Parking Situation Like?

This question isn’t only important for people who drive, even those who don’t drive will still have friends and family that do.  Therefore having good parking available to them can be a factor in deciding where to live. When looking around a property, you should ask what the parking is like in the area. Is there a garage? A drive to park on? Is there a designated spot for parking or is it a free for all on the street? It’s worth getting this information before making any decisions.

 What’s Included?

Some contracts come inclusive with certain bills, such as your water and gas rates being included in the price of the rent. You should definitely find out all the information on the property when you go to look around. Ask them what is included and what isn’t included, so that you can work out how much money you will need to budget every month.

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