3 Top Tips When Preparing to Move in With Your Partner

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many couples will use this time of love to start thinking about what they want their future to look like and the next big steps they’ll take. Moving in together is one such move but getting it right is key to ensuring long-term happiness.

Here are three top tips for how to handle this exciting time for the first time to ensure it goes smoothly for you both.

Communicate Your Feelings and Expectations Beforehand

Being open is important in any relationship and never more so than when you’re moving in together. Talk about your feelings and how you hope it will all work.

Set some ground rules – it may not seem necessary initially but once you’re living together, it’ll be something you can look back on and use as a reference point in discussions.

Think about chores and how you want to divvy these up. Likewise, work out what differences in opinion you have so that you can establish your individual wishes.

Trial Living Together First

If you’re able to, try to have a pre-run of the experience to see if it is definitely what you want. Perhaps you can spend time living with each other’s parents, in the housing that one of you currently has or by going away together and renting a cottage for a week.

You’ll get a clear sense of what your behaviours and habits are and whether you feel it’ll work. You can also talk about anything that you find frustrating or any hurdles you feel need to be overcome.

Be Open About Money

When it comes to living together, honesty is the best policy. It is important you discuss how much money you are able to contribute each month, how you will both work together to pay the bills, what will happen with any spare money, what savings you could use in the event of an emergency, and so forth.

It’s also important to assess how secure your jobs are and what you would do if one of you lost one. Having a backup plan, especially with your finances, will come in useful in emergency situations.

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