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Checklist For New Homeowners

Moving in to your new home is no doubt a stressful experience, however there are some essentials ...

Moving in to your new home is no doubt a stressful experience, however there are some essentials you need to have done and things you need to know about your new property before you pop the bottle of champagne and put your feet up!

We’ve compiled a checklist of important things that might have slipped your mind from all the stress of the move. From finding your stopcock to knowing when the bins are collected, there’s some simple finds that will be sure to alleviate some of the stress…and will also mean you won’t have to chase the bin lorry down the road in your dressing gown! Follow this list and you’ll be able to rest easy in your new home in no time.

Know your suppliers!

uSwitch have a great and easy to use service that’ll show you who your energy suppliers are and will also help you to find the best deal to switch over to. It’s important to know you’re on a tariff of your choice, rather than just continuing with the previous owner’s decision. This also applies to phone lines and internet – it’s worth your while to find a good deal!

Where’s the stopcock?

The main stopcock will shut off the water to your home, this is such an important thing to find. If you’re about to do some plumbing DIY to upgrade the kitchen tap, you need to be able to turn the water off and avoid disaster – it’s good to know where to go to find your stopcock and definitely beats flooding out your kitchen!

Where’s the thermostat?

Chilly feet? When you move in to your new home you might want to adjust the thermostat to heat the house to the temperature you’re used to…the previous occupier might have preferred it cold, or even something a little more tropical. It shouldn’t be too hard to find but adjusting it to a sensible temperature will keep you warm and will help to save you money on your bills.

When’s bin day?

We’ve all been there…rushing down the stairs to try and get the bin out before the bin men reach your house...8 out of 10 times you miss them. You’ll have so much rubbish from moving that you don’t want to miss out on your first bin day – find out when it is and pop it up on your chalk board or fridge to remind you to put the bin out the night before!

How does the oven work?

One of the big challenges in any new home is working the oven – we’ve grilled a lasagne many a time and can confirm it isn’t a great experience. If the previous owners were super organised they might have left you a manual, if not then most manufacturers now have digital manuals on their websites, simply enter your product number and download the guide. The same applies for any white goods that might have come with the property.

We’ve moved!

Make sure you let everyone know you’ve moved address and have a new phone number. This is particularly important for your employer and also your bank/building society – everyone that sends you mail needs to be aware of your change of address, and don’t forget you’ll also have to change the address on your driving license…if you forget to do this you could be fined around £1,000.

Change the locks

It’s always good practice to get the locks changed when you move in to a new home. After all you don’t know how many people may have been given keys by the previous owner. This may cost a little bit to get it done but it’s so worth it and will give you the peace of mind knowing you have a secure home, you can then hand out sets of keys to the people you wish to have them.

TV License

Your TV license doesn’t move with you! Make sure that you obtain a new TV license when you move in to the property before you go and watch TV or on demand services. We love the Bake Off too but if you’re watching TV unlicensed, you could be subject to a hefty fine!

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