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What to Look for in a Landlord When You're Searching for a Property

Renting property is a two-way street, even if the house itself isn't on one! A common misconcepti...

Renting property is a two-way street, even if the house itself isn't on one! A common misconception is that a tenant is totally at the mercy of a landlord: they are the ones who control the transaction and they are the only ones with the power.

It is actually a matter of finding the right landlord to suit your needs and situation too, as well as maintaining good communication with him or her. However, picking the right landlord from the crowd can be difficult. 

So, what should you be looking for in a landlord?

Previous Properties

Each landlord is different, and every property will be likewise, but an important thing to look into or ask about is whether or not a landlord has previous properties to their name. This can provide you with a valuable insight into their business practice; if they hold a lot of houses or flats, they might be better used to maintaining them.

If you can find a way to speak to other tenants of theirs, that is also a big plus; do not choose a landlord who seems untrustworthy, unfair or unwilling to accept their responsibility as a landlord.

Letting Agencies

A letting agency is very helpful in the process as they represent a mediating force between owner and tenant. It is they who will put you in touch with them if necessary, but it is also likely that they will sort out any issues (repairs and the like) quickly.

If your landlord uses a letting agency, you may find that your residency there runs far more smoothly. At Belvoir Sutton Coldfield, we have the knowledge and experience to find the right landlord, and the right property, for you.

Good Business Practice

Upon viewing a property, a landlord may seem anxious to fill it quickly, and this can often result in corners being cut. Ensure that your money and documentation all seems in order and that your deposit is being entered into a protection scheme.

Ensure that photos are taken upon visiting the property or beginning your tenancy, to combat any disputes when it comes to the deposit's return.

If you need help finding the perfect landlord, contact us today.

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