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The Nation's Ultimate Neighbour is...

Last week, we set out to find the nation's ultimate celebrity neighbour. The results have been co...

Last week, we set out to find the nation’s ultimate celebrity neighbour. The results have been counted and we have ourselves a winner!!

Funny man, Jack Whitehall came out on top after scooping 28% of the public vote, in fact, a whopping 43% of the British public told us that they’d like to live next door to a comedian, unfortunately for Joey Essex a further 43% told us that they dread the thought of living next to Reality TV stars! 

Politicians were just behind reality stars as the nation’s least-loved neighbours with 37% saying MP’s simply aren’t the type of person they want moving in next door. Surprisingly only 24% of the public voted to live next door to a chef…is it just us that votes with our stomachs?!

We wanted to find out what three things you love in a neighbour, and it seems you’re a sociable bunch with 42% say you want a neighbour who is always up for a chat, and 24% saying they love a good dinner party host (we’re looking at you, Jamie Oliver!) – the majority (45%), when asked how well they wanted to know a neighbour, said they want a friendly neighbour that they can socialise with from time to time, whilst 6% wanted to be classed as best friends. 

Only 12% said that they wanted parents with kids living next door, this isn’t too much of a surprise when 67% told us they didn’t have kids of their own.
Our final question was the big one…the big test of how compatible you’ll be as neighbours, we asked: when you go on holiday, would you ask your neighbour to put your bin out? 66% told us that they would pop round to ask for a cheeky favour, which just goes to show that the British public are a friendly lot that are happy to help their neighbours out from time to time…just not too often! 

Second place was taken by the lovely Dame Judy Dench who we’re sure you’ll agree would make the cutest neighbour ever!! 

We think Jack Whitehall would make a fantastic next door neighbour, definitely someone you could have a joke with. He’d be great for dinner parties, just imagine the stories him and long-term actress girlfriend Gemma Chan could tell…and just think of the other guests they might invite, you’ve got to do a bit of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden before the night is out!

Congratulations to Jack who is the winner of our inaugural Ultimate Celebrity Neighbour award! Tell us what you think on Twitter, use #CelebNeighbour 

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