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Moving In: What Are the Essentials?

Moving in is always a stressful time, it can be overwhelming with a million things going through ...

Moving in is always a stressful time, it can be overwhelming with a million things going through your mind. Have you got everything? What have you forgotten? Looking at all your belongings boxed up is a strange sight for anyone.

Here we have made a list of the essentials of moving in, just to give you that quick reminder of the little things you may have forgotten, which we all have in our time!

Small Appliances

We will start with the small essentials such as cutlery, chargers for your phone and laptop, a bottle opener and what a few people forget; basic cleaning supplies. As you are just moving in, you will need to have items to clean the cups and plates you are using or you might want to give your place a little clean as you move in to make it feel more like home.

These include, rubber gloves, washing up liquid and sponges. You also need to remember toiletries; toothbrush, toilet paper, and shower essentials. Even though these seem like obvious items to bring whilst moving, many people focus on the big items and forget the small appliances we use in everyday life.

Large Appliances

These are the larger appliances that you will bring into your new place which include; kettle, microwave, plates/cups, and your pots/pans. If you forget any of these essentials you will greatly miss them. You won’t be able to make any quick foods or make yourself a cup of coffee which we all rely on in the morning! Another item you could bring to make it feel more like home is a radio.

You could plug this in the kitchen and make unpacking a little less dull. Another large appliance that could have slipped your mind to bring is a hoover, as many people have a preference and prefer to bring their own.


Now these are important to take whilst moving in. These include; any important contact numbers as you never know what could happen. Keep these in a place that is easily accessible, such as on the fridge. A first aid kit, because accidents happen! You will be hungry whilst in the process of moving in so it is essential to bring easy to make meals, such as pasta or microwavable meals. You want something quick as moving in is very time consuming.

Personal Treats

Moving in is a huge accomplishment and rightly so you should treat yourself once you’ve finished. This is down to what you like but it could be anything from reading a book to relax or having a glass of wine to enjoy what you have achieved, or you could have the whole bottle if you really want to celebrate!

Moving in somewhere new is a messy and tiring job, and it’s very easy to forget many items until you realise it is too late. You want your new place to feel like your home when you arrive, and bringing these items mentioned above will help achieve a homely feeling.

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