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Living in the Kelham Island Area of Sheffield

This week I've trotted down and around the trendy industrial quarter of Kelham Island.

Welcome to Rumbles Blog. The BLOG of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet! Particularly when it comes to property and living in the different areas of Sheffield.

Kelham Island is one of Sheffields 11 official 'quarters'. It sits to the North of Sheffield city centre and is pretty much diamond shape, running from Shalesmoor and Gibraltor Street to its south west, Corporation Street to its south east, Mowbray Lane, Harvest Lane, and Neepsend Lane to the north east, and Ball street and Cornish Street to its north west.

The area is one of Sheffields most renowned industrial heritage areas and is home to the famous Kelham Island Museum with a host of history centred around the River Don. Yet surprisingly I found that mixed in with the industrial buildings and new developments was a surprising amount of space for me to have a little run around and relieve myself, if you know what I mean.

Although the use of the area has changed greatly, the industrial heritage of the area is very evident in its look and feel, with strong industrial architecture being complimented by the developments that have been added to the area over more recent years such as the ever popular Daisy Springs building which has a host of great flats and apartments for sale and to rent.

Living in the Kelham Island Quarter really gives you a unique twist on the city of Sheffield too. Kelham Island itself has some of the most renowned restaurants such as the Milestone and award winning Real Ale and Craft Beer pubs such as the Fat Cat, [link: http://www.thefatcat.co.uk/]  being a dog that enjoys a feed and a drink I can fully recommend them, both excellent for dogs and by the looks of it everybody else was enjoying them too!

In fact Kelham Island has its own award winning brewery, the Kelham Island Brewery known far and wide around the North of England, although I found that they don't let dogs in the brewery.

Kelham Island has its own Student City building which only adds to the young and vibrant vibe of the area yet is only a short walk in to the city centre and is within easy access of the cities two universities and other main key buildings.

Interested in renting or buying in the Kelham Island area of the city? Have a look at some of the properties that Belvoir! Sheffield have available to buy in Kelham Island or to rent in the Kelham Island area of the city. Oh and of course remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you don't miss more of my tips, advise, and reviews. I've lots more to come...

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