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Living in the Devonshire Quarter of Sheffield.

Sheffield's Devonshire Quarter lies to the immediate West of Sheffield City Centre and has its own 'urban village' vibe and atmosphere.

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet! 

Sheffield's Devonshire Quarter lies to the immediate West of Sheffield City Centre and has its own 'urban village' vibe and atmosphere. At its heart is Division Street and Devonshire Street, with West Street to its northern edge, and the open space of Devonshire Green lying just off the top end of Division Street.

Its vibe and atmosphere largely comes from Sheffield City Councils decision to keep many high street chains and brands away from the area in lou of great independent shops and bars, meaning that the area is largely made up of a great mixture of independent shops with bags of character, and small independent bars and restaurants.

As you trot up Division Street away from the city centre you noticeably feel the Devonshire Quarter atmosphere appear as a relaxed yet busily coffee shop culture develops, more independent shops appear, with The Forum  towards the top of Division Street being a main focus, full of cafes and bars, small boutiques and shops. Walk a little further and the quirky shops and book shops appear in abundance and days can easily be lost looking around the shops and enjoying the bars and cafes.

From here you overlook Devonshire Green, the largest open area of green in the city where a dog can quite happily stretch his little legs and home to a fashionable skate park where a dog can skate if he can find the nerve. Devonshire Green holds countless events throughout the year, including being the main focal point of the annual Tramlines Festival. Overlooking Devonshire Green is one of the largest apartment complexes in the site, the Devonshire Quarter. A very popular place to live for those seeking the best of 'inner city living' in Sheffield, with more great shops, bars, and cafes.

Typical of the bars in the area Bath Hotel, set slightly away from the main shops and bars The Bath is a beautiful pub which has been sympathetically updated and has a blue Tetley Heritage Inn plaque proudly displayed to mark out the pub as one of national importance.

This area of Division Street takes on an even more cultured vibe on market days at the now established Devonshire Markets showcase many interesting stands from quirky gifts and clothes, to countless street food stands. The markets are held on various dates throughout the year.

The Devonshire Quarter is a great place to live. If you are interested in finding a place either to rent or buy in the Devonshire Quarter get in contact with Belvoir! Sheffield today and let us know your requirements and we will let you know of the very best properties that match your criteria and requirements as soon as they become available.

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