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How the Sheffield Train Station influences the property market

It may surprise you that one of the most appealing features for buying or letting in Sheffield is...

It may surprise you that one of the most appealing features for buying or letting in Sheffield is not the location or the most aesthetically pleasing property, but transport links. Yes, a lot depends on the needs of the individual and other factors such as age and whether they have a family, however, ease of access to transport links remains one of the main requirements for most tenants and buyers. This includes public transport, where the railways are of upmost importance.


Tens of thousands of people of people use Sheffield train station every day, of which around a quarter are season ticket holders. This is a lot of money when a standard class season ticket to Manchester is £2,296. This means these commuters must have well paid jobs to afford a season ticket in the first place. As a result, the demand for middle to upper market properties remains high in Sheffield.


If it were not for the railway station and the people it serves in the city, it would be fair to assume that the property values in Sheffield would be much lower. This is not going to change as the demand for the rail is steadily increasing while car travel costs soar.


Denton House Research published data showing that the Sheffield Train station has seen an upsurge in usage between 1997 and 2016, with over 6 million more people using the station in 2016 than in 1997.


If you are a buy to let investor you should keep in mind that the distance from the train station may have an increasing impact on a properties value and marketability as time goes on. With people choosing to use public transport over car travel more and more it could make the proximity of a property to the Sheffield train station extremely significant to future tenants.


The importance of proximity between a property and a railway station to buyers and tenants is shown by Rightmove displaying the ‘distance to railway station’ for each property on their website.


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