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Belvoir Sheffield - How to Save Space in Your Home

Top 5 tips on how to make the most of the space in your home...

Belvoir Estate and Letting Agents Sheffield

Belvoir Sheffield are specialist letting and estate agents and have properties for sale to let across Sheffield. At Belvoir Sheffield we can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of buying, selling and occupying your house. If you require any information about estate or lettings in Sheffield please contact our customer services on 0114 252 5215. The following provides some top tips to optimise the space in your home.

Optimise Your Space

How difficult is it to find space in your home for that brand-new piece of furniture you have just purchased? Or even finding room for that piece of furniture that’s just too good to simply throw away? With these top space-saving tips we’re sure you’ll be able to find room for just about anything.

·         ​ Look above and beyond – The space above your door frame (probably a place you would’ve never thought about placing a shelf) could be your first step to creating more space for your home. It’s a place that will not impact your wall space and has the potential to hold a lot of items for storage. Keep a stool nearby and nothing will ever be out of reach for you.

·         Your bedroom is for more than just sleeping in – How much room do you have beneath your bed? One of the best space savers for everyone is to utilise underneath your bed. You might be thinking – “what could actually go under there?” What about those masses of shoes that seem to be everywhere you look? How much easier would it be to place them underneath your bed? It’d be like they weren’t even there, and you could move freely around your home? Perhaps you have a little bit of room between your headboard and wall – why not place a little shelf there? It could be used a handy place to keep your fragrances.

·         For the DIY lovers out there – we’ve found that the less obvious places always seem to go to waste. Have you ever thought about how much space is beneath the bath tub? Imagine what could go under there. Your cleaning appliances could have a new home, freeing up their old home for whatever you want. It’s easy enough to remove the panel at the side of your bath and fix hinges and a catch.

·         Garden Storage – finding space for those garden appliances which always find a way to stay inside your home rather than outside, can be tricky. Let’s be honest there probably not clean enough to keep staying inside the house and it’s hard enough to find something that looks good to store all the equipment. Ever thought of a bench that can double as a large storage chest? It could be your best purchase yet and a way to get those dirty garden tools out of your clean household.

I understand how hard it might be to apply each one of these ideas but think of the space you could save by just applying one of these top-tips. It would be a step in the right direction to say the least. Or maybe these ideas have given you inspiration to think of your own space-saving-solutions?  

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