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Be the Loveliest Landlord

Landlords are not always the most popular of individuals; tenants tend to blame every last issue ...

Landlords are not always the most popular of individuals; tenants tend to blame every last issue on you – even when it’s not strictly your fault. There are plenty of rules and regulations that you and your tenants have to abide by, and when you need to push them, it can sometimes feel like you are the bad guy. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way towards being the loveliest landlord – somebody your tenants will be pleased to recommend.

Start at Day One

Moving is one of the most stressful things anyone can do, but as a landlord you’re in a great position to make it easier. Consider leaving your tenants some basic supplies, like cleaning products, toilet roll, spare lightbulbs, perhaps even some tea, coffee and biscuits – especially if your tenants are first-time renters who won’t have thought of everything! Beyond these practical items, if you leave them a nice card and a little present, you’ll already be making friends.

Offer Respect

Aretha Franklin is not the only one who appreciates a little respect – your tenants will, too. You or your representatives will need to retain a key to the property in case of emergencies, but that doesn’t mean you’re OK to pop around whenever you feel like it. The law says that you should always give at least 24 hours’ notice, but if you can, give more than that and make sure that you’re going at a time that the tenant is comfortable with, and don’t bother them when it isn’t really necessary to do so.

Be Forgiving

Every property needs maintenance; that’s just a fact of life. It’s also a fact that sometimes, things break – and when it’s your property, it can be upsetting. In most cases, your tenants will be feeling honestly guilty about any damage to your property, and will just want help fixing it, so try to offer help first and then assess blame later, when cooler heads prevail. Whatever the issue is, make sure that it’s dealt with quickly, with the minimum of fuss, and your tenants will really appreciate it.

You Are Not Their Parent

One thing many tenants hate is a condescending approach from their landlord, especially when it comes to property inspections. Yes, it’s your property – but it’s not your home while they’re renting it. If your tenants don’t happen to be quite as tidy as you, it can be frustrating to see your property looking cluttered, but if it isn’t actually being neglected, and it isn’t actually likely to damage your property, then it’s not your problem. As tempted as you might be to tell them to pick their pants up off the floor, it’s not your place to do so.

Managing the landlord-tenant relationship can be difficult; having somebody on your side who knows all the rules and regulations – and who can press on those difficult issues (like money) – is invaluable. As an experienced letting agent in Sutton Coldfield, we can help you to manage your property and your relationship with your tenants. For more information, get in touch with us today on 0121 321 3388.

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