Downsizing for Retirement

New research suggests that in the UK, 5.7 million people are considering moving to smaller homes. With the population getting older, many of these will be those downsizing for retirement, either to release equity from their home or to live in a smaller, more manageable property. 

We look at what should be considered when planning this move:

Moving away
Many of those downsizing may also look to move location; to be closer to family or to realise a retirement dream. Think carefully about the impact on your lifestyle and social circle by moving away. Also consider the local amenities, the proximity of shops and the doctor’s surgery, local transport and access to the types of hobbies or clubs that you are interested in. You may want to move to somewhere you have previously only visited when on holiday, so do try and view things through the eyes of a resident rather than a tourist and stay there out of season before making any life changing decision.

Travelling in retirement
For many people, downsizing is a means to releasing equity tied up in their home and you may wish to fund some travel plans. If you plan to be away from home for a considerable time you could rent out your home and earn an income from it during your travels. Here at Belvoir, we can advise on all aspects of letting out your home and can manage it all in your absence.

Cost of moving
Make sure you factor in all the costs of moving as it can be an expensive business. You need to include Estate Agents selling fees, legal costs, removal costs and stamp duty. Quotes for each of these can be obtained in advance so you are fully aware of what you need to allow for.

Starting a new business
It may be your dream to start your own business once you retire. Take time to thoroughly research the business of your choice. Speak to others in the same trade and check out competition in the area. It may be advisable to discuss your plans with an accountant or other business experts and seek out all help and advice that’s available to you.

Positive outlook
Once you have decided on a new location and have started looking for a new home, it is only natural to consider what you are leaving behind. You may have lived in the same house and place for a long time and adjusting to a new property and new area can seem daunting but try and keep a positive outlook on the whole process – this is the start of a new adventure!

Whatever course you decide to take, the key to successful downsizing is to think every element through carefully and not to rush into making the decision. If you are at the early stages of your planning, one of our experienced team can visit your home and give you a market valuation so that you have a figure to work with as you progress your plans. Please pop in and see us, call us on 01264 366611 or email