Guarantor Requirements

If a Guarantor is required, the Guarantor should meet the following criteria:

  • To be over the age of 25
  • To have a clear credit history (no ccjs, IVAS or bankruptcies)
  • Confirmation of earnings over 3 times the annual rent
  • Be based in the UK

Be willing to take on the obligations in the tenancy agreement provided to the tenant

A Guarantor/s will be required to sign The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. In consideration for the Landlord granting the tenancy of the property, the Guarantor agrees to pay the Landlord and the Landlord’s Agent for any reasonable losses suffered as a result of the Tenant failing to fulfil any of his obligations under this agreement or facility to pay Rent or other monies lawfully due, for the full Term of the tenancy, until vacant possession is given to the Landlord. The Guarantor agrees to make payments lawfully due even after the Tenant has returned possession of the property to the Landlord.

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