Looking for an Estate Agent in Stamford and Bourne?

Looking for an Estate agent in Stamford and Bourne?

You might want to do your research on your estate agent. Not all services are created equal – and whether you want a quick sale or the best price possible, your choice of estate agent can make or break your sales experience.

Selling your property? Your Estate Agent in Stamford or Bourne is key

Newsflash: did you know that anyone can set up an estate agent? There’s no legal requirement to hold industry qualifications. Nor are you obliged to carry any professional accreditations. Scary, isn’t it? Your property transactions are the biggest of your life; the places you choose to live create memories that last forever. Yet the estate agent overseeing it all could be no more than a one-man-band with a laptop and the gift of the gab.

Of course there are respectable estate agents out there too. We count ourselves among them thanks to a professionally-accredited service that takes care of the entire sales process in-house. We’re also the only agent in Stamford and Bourne that provides a service to help landlords sell tenanted property. In a nutshell: a hands-on service makes for a better sales experience for our customers – that’s what we believe. The same cannot be said for all estate agents.

Let’s take a look at your Estate Agent in Stamford and Bourne.

Local agents without coverage

From Bourne Woods to the Corn Exchange, there’s a lot to love about the Stamford and Bourne area. Any local agent will tell you that. But it takes more than a soft spot for the area to run a professional estate agent. You need expert knowledge of the regional property market. You need the experience to deal with every facet of the sales process. You need the HR infrastructure to respond seamlessly to seller and buyer requests.

Here at Belvoir Stamford and Bourne we cover the entire PE postcode region. We have 20 years of experience behind us and more than £300 million of property under management. That gives us an expert knowledge of the regional property market, meaning we know how to achieve our customers’ desired outcomes – whether that’s a quick sale or the best price possible. We’ve got the local knowledge side of things covered too. Our sales manager was born and bred in the area and our sales negotiator lives in Bourne. How can we help

National agents lacking local knowledge

Nationally-focused agents with local branches can lack the depth of regional insight that you get with local independents. That can result in wayward valuations of your property and a lack of the meaningful, illuminating regional knowledge that inspires potential buyers. National agents may also be under pressure to hit certain sales quotas, which may result in advice to price down your property.

Here at Belvoir Stamford and Bourne we run a totally independent office. No pushy external stakeholders forcing our hand. Our property agents all live locally and have unparalleled knowledge of the local market and local property prices. That means we can advise you on the true value of your property while giving your potential buyers the quality of information they expect.  

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Inexperienced temps or new hires

There are certain peaks in the calendar year where estate agents are busy. During these times some agents send temps or junior staff to conduct property viewings. Fair enough? Maybe. But who would you rather was showing potential buyers around your house: a new hire short of experience, a temp with little commitment to their current employer or an experienced property agent with in-depth knowledge of the local market? Exactly. That’s why we only ever send experienced and knowledgeable staff to conduct viewings.

Outsourced suppliers

There’s lots of legwork involved with selling a property. It takes time. That’s why some estate agents choose to outsource it to external suppliers – especially smaller agents who lack the internal resource to offer a 100% in-house service. Yet there’s a problem.

Outsourced professionals aren’t answerable to you as the customer. They are not motivated by achieving the best possible outcomes for you. Everything from photography to property valuation can be outsourced – and the more links in the chain, the more depersonalised the service.

Online estate agents

Online estate agents talk a good game in their marketing. We just hope you’ve sold property before. Because you might be surprised at how hands-off online estate agents can be. In some cases you will have to write your own detailed property description and submit your own photography.

Now, we’re not about to question your skills behind the camera. But a professional estate agent knows how to market your property in a way that drives enquiries from the right type of buyer. Property descriptions and photography play a huge role in that.

An offsite call centre  

Fielding telephone enquiries from both potential buyers and sellers – and providing the right insight – is all part of a streamlined service. Yet some national and many online agents outsource their contact responsibilities to offsite call centres. That can make it tricky to talk to the individuals who are actually charged with selling your house. Instead the initial point of contact is likely to be someone with no firsthand knowledge of your property. Every Belvoir customer gets a designated contact who is directly involved with their property.

An estate agent in Stamford and Bourne that’s keen to turf out your tenants!

Are you a landlord in Stamford and Bourne who’s looking to exit the market? We know the lettings sector better than most. In fact Belvoir has been the Sunday TimesAwards’ Best Lettings Franchise for the past six years – and we have been the best performing Belvoir team in the UK for a decade. Rest assured we have a huge database of landlords who are looking for opportunities to expand their portfolio.

We are one of the only local agents who offer to sell rental properties in Stamford and Bourne. So while other agents will likely insist that your tenants leave your property before they market it, we have the high-grade market knowledge to sell your house with your tenants in-situ – right up to completion. Upshot: there’s no need to plug one of your income streams prematurely.

Belvoir does it differently…here’s your team

Sell your property with Belvoir Stamford and Bourne and the whole process – from valuation and viewings to liaising with solicitors – will be handled expertly in-house. That’s a promise. Here’s an introduction to the Stamford and Bourne team that take care of residential sales.

Lottie Hostead | Sales Manager

Born and bred in the region and equipped with a decade of experience in the regional property market, Lottie knows Stamford and Bourne as well as the wider area like the back of her hand. She has enviable experience in all areas of residential sales.

Natalie Fitzjohn | Sales Negotiator

Natalie lives in Bourne and knows our properties inside-out. She makes it her mission to gather a detailed understanding of each seller’s requirements and loves explaining the unique benefits of each property to potential buyers.

What next?

How does a free market appraisal of your property sound? Alternatively please contact me directly with any queries.

Lottie Hostead
Sales Manager
01733 511099

This blog is written by Lottie, Lottie Hostead is Belvoir Estate Agency Stamford’s Property Sales Manager. Born and raised here she is both a property expert with 10 years experience selling homes and a genuine local.