Student Halls or Student Houses

Making the choice between student halls and students houses is a big decision. With students on average spending £125 a week on accommodation, choose wherever you think will suit your personality and lifestyle best, and don’t feel pressured into living somewhere you don’t want to.

Student houses don’t have to be just for second and third years. They are still definitely something to consider as a first year as not all universities can guarantee a place in halls of residence. This is especially true for those who have gone through clearing or submitted late applications.


So, what are the advantages to student houses?

  • Living in the local area makes you feel part of the community, especially as you can choose what area of the city appeals to you. You do tend to be further away from campus than halls however you will be served by great transport links.
  • You get to experience the lifestyle of independent living, preparing you for the future graduate life.
  • Unlike student halls, you get to choose who you live with. Taking away the awkwardness of getting to know everybody.
  • With fewer people being around, setting the fire alarm off and slamming doors at ridiculous times in the morning, you’re more likely to be able to enjoy peace and quiet, allowing you to focus on your studies.
  • Student properties are often much cheaper than halls, meaning you can find a house to suit whatever budget.
  • Most importantly, living with your friends is a lot of fun! You’re sure to be having endless house parties, to takeaway nights to Sunday roasts.
  • As you’re not surrounded by halls of 50+ people you become more determined to meet new people. Whether this is through branching out to a sports team or joining a new society, you’re bound to still expand your friendship group.

Next up, when is the perfect time to home hunt?

If you’re a first-year student looking to rent externally then Universities tend to hold meet up/house hunting events so people can network and find a place together. Have a look to see when your university is hosting this and get looking from then. Leaving it too late may make the hunt more intense as returning students will also start looking.

For those of you who are returning students, the pressure beings as early as November. If you’re dead certain on who you want to live with then get searching straight away. But do bear in mind you will be sleeping, cooking and socialising in this house for the next year so don’t rush a decision!

If you are someone who is currently prioritising their coursework and haven’t had time to think or are even still debating who to live with, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find properties in later terms. In the months of June and July there may be still some available but you may need to consider a few more viewings to find the perfect one for you.

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