Selling a Buy to Let investment property in Leicester

If you’re considering selling your property as a Buy to Let investment in Leicester you are likely to be targeting an audience of engaged property investors who are heavily involved in the property market. As an area which is known for its paid growth it is enticing for many property investors. Luckily for you, we’ve had plenty of experience in this after selling loads of Buy to Lets in Leicester so we can make sure we our property management services are tailored to ensure your advertisement will reach the right people with the highest level of demand.

If you are planning on putting your property for sale without sitting tenants then you may be on track to receiving a higher selling price in Leicester. However, you’ll have to ensure that you follow the correct procedure when evicting tenants. As this is something many people don’t want to be involved in, we are happy to help out and ensure your process runs as smoothly for you.

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So, what are the benefits?

  • Leicester property prices are rising with a percentage increase of 4.9% over the last year, compared to 2.2% nationally
  • Buying a ready-made investment is attractive to a wide range of people meaning you are likely to get a quick sale at good prices
  • You as the current landlord won’t have any loss of income as you’ll receive rent right up until the date of completed
  • We have a large data base of investors actively looking for in demand property investment opportunities in Leicester
  • As annoying as a buyer pulling out is, at least you will still have the current tenants paying rent as a form of security
  • You never have to experience the dreaded void period and by avoiding vacant possession your house will look better to investors when viewing
  • The sale is more attractive to buyers as they won’t have the stress of finding new tenants and will instantly earn rental income once the process is complete
  • Selling to other investors tends to result in quicker sales and a smoother process saving you a lot of time
  • The current rental agreement will be moved to the new landlord so the current tenants can stay happily living there

When arranging viewings, we will make sure to….

  • Provide the tenant with 24 hours’ notice before a viewing
  • Get consent from the tenant before scheduling a viewing
  • Ensure there are no constant disruptions that may breach their statutory right to live in quiet enjoyment
  • Consider booking block viewings to keep disturbance to a minimum

For ease we will try to make the completion arranged around a rent payment date. This means there’s no need for rent to be shared between the seller and buyer. However, if we are unable to do this due to a tenant paying in advance, then we will ensure the correct amount of rent is credited to the buyer.

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Arrange a free market appraisal

If you’re looking to sell or you’re just interested in how much your property might be worth, the best way to get an accurate and detailed understanding is through a free one-to-one appraisal with one of our experienced local agents. Request an appraisal with us using the form below.

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