Property Service Options

Here at Belvoir Leicester, we offer two main service options for landlords who entrust their property to be let out by us…

Let only

Included in this service are as follows;

  • An initial visit to the property to appraise and provide an indication of the likely rent achievable, along with any recommendations to the landlord for improvements which could help the property achieve a faster let or a higher market value.
  • Collect photographs and information on the property in order to advertise (link to advertising page) it to our best ability, to in turn attract as many interested parties as possible.
  • Advertise the property, via to-let boards, in the office and on websites, such as Belvoir’s own, Zoopla and Rightmove.
  • Arrange and accompany potential tenants on viewings – corresponding with existing tenants where necessary, on your behalf.
  • Receive and vet applications for viability against Belvoir’s criteria.
  • Referencing and ‘right-to-rent’ checks on any potential tenants, after approval from yourself as the landlord.
  • Arrange a suitable tenancy agreement and have this completed and signed by the tenants, before a move in.
  • Compile a detailed property inspection and inventory, including photographs of the property’s current condition.
  • Obtain meter readings and alert utility companies and relevant council of a change of tenancy.
  • Collection of the first month’s rent and deposit.
  • Register the deposit with the DPS and hold this on your behalf until the end of the tenancy, or transfer this to your own chosen deposit registry scheme.
  • Inform the tenant of your information and bank details for their use during the remainder of their tenancy.

This service is offered at 75% of one month’s rent (plus VAT) payable for each letting where the tenant is introduced through the Agent, with a minimum fee of £450 (£540 inclusive of VAT).


Full management

A fully managed service includes all the above points along with these additional items;

  • Advice and links to a comprehensive rent guarantee and insurance policy.
  • Monthly rental collection with appropriate action taken to recover any rent should the tenant fail to pay when required. Alongside provision of help and advice bout actions a landlord can take should rental arrears occur.
  • Monthly statements of income and expenditure.
  • Be the main point of contact for your tenants for maintenance (link to maintenance page) and general enquiries. Informing the landlord of any reported maintenance issues and source quotations when requested.
  • To work with a base of third-party contractors who can carry out all and any general maintenance work that may occur during a tenancy.
  • To act on the landlord’s behalf for emergency maintenance works, and give approval for repairs where further damage could occur.
  • Correspond directly with the tenants in situ in regards to inspection visits during the tenancy to inspect its condition and ensure the property is being tenanted in line with expectations.
  • Carry out checks and inspections of items required by law, e.g. gas safety checks and smoke alarm tests and replacements.
  • Alert the landlord of the opportunity for yearly rental increases and carry out the required notices for the increase to occur unless otherwise notified.
  • Advise and carry out the required correspondence and legal notifications on behalf of the landlord should they require the property back from their current tenant.
  • Advise the landlord of any notice to vacate received from the tenant and remarket as required.
  • Arrange and perform a move out inspection, checking the property condition against that stated in the original inventory.
  • Claim for required works should any tenant liable damage have occurred during a tenancy, obtain quotes and ensure repairs are completed ready for a new tenancy to begin.
  • Advice and assistance should a deposit turn to a formal dispute.
  • Release and reimburse the deposit to the vacating tenant directly.

This service is offered at £250.00 (£300 incl. VAT) payable for each let and our standard management fee is 12.5% (plus VAT) of the rent received, deducted by the Agent.

In addition, a £375 (plus VAT) payable for each let to a tenant(s) and deducted from the rent collected at the commencement of tenancy. Annual Deposit holding fee of £25 (inclusive of VAT)

If you would like more information on any of our services or would like to discuss how these options would benefit you and your property please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Other charges if required

Should you require additional services further to the ones listed above other charges may apply, please see list below:

Additional Charges inclusive of VAT
Inventory service

(included in our Full Management Services)

£60 for a three-bedroom property, plus £30 for each additional bedroom and plus £30 for furnished properties
Tenancy renewal fee£180
Duplicate statements£5
Annual statements£25
Key cutting charge:£5 per standard key cut
Professional hourly rate£60 charged by the Agent when asked to carry out additional services
Void management fee£60 per week payable four weekly in advance of requirement
Insurance claim handling fee20% of the cost of works. If the works costs £1000 you will pay £200
Introduction of purchaser1.8% of the final sale price



Where full management service is cancelled during the tenancy (including all extensions) a fee of £500 (plus VAT) will be payable. This includes properties repossessed during the tenancy.

Where applicable charges are subject to the current rate of VAT.

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