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After being named the most affordable city to live in for students in recent years, it’s no surprise that Leicester has become the second most popular destination for international students from across the world. Each year more than 2,700 international students from more than 130 countries choose to study with De Montfort University alone!

Coming to the UK to study for a university degree may end up being one of the biggest decisions you ever make in your working life. Making the big step to determine your future career path whilst enriching your expertise and broadening your horizon.

Here at Belvoir Leicester, we strive to make sure everybody receives the same level of excellent service, that means no exceptions for if you’re overseas. Below are a few handy tips that will help if you’re an intentional student looking to study at either University of Leicester or De Montfort University next year.


Simple international process

  1. Before arriving at the UK your first, most important step is to pick which university you want to attend. This decision should not be taken lightly and varies for everyone, dependant on your personal circumstances and wants and needs from a course. Things to consider include how long you want to study for, what is you dream job and what you are looking for in city life. You are able to research all course brochures on their websites and then apply online so this step should be easy.
  2. Next up you need to apply for a visa to be able to study and live in the UK. This varies dependent on what country you are coming from so make sure to check your local legislation. Also be sure to renew your visa before they expire as it can be a criminal offence to live in the UK once it is expired.
  3. We make it easy for you to find student accommodation, from virtual video viewings to 360 virtual tours, you’re able to reserve a property without having to actually see it in person. You then need to open a UK Student so you can pay for the accommodation you require. There are two different payment options available for international students, firstly, you can pay the full amount upfront. Or alternatively you can pay in instalments with a UK guarantor.
  4. Then comes the day you move into your new home with your friends. There are some key things you should bring when moving out such as towels and bed sheets, any important documents you have, a printer not forgetting an emergency first aid kit. Don’t forget, you now have a lot of responsibilities such as arranging bill payments, keeping the property

Once this simple process has been arranged then you can start enjoying student life. You will be thrown into a cultural experience, meeting people from all over the world whilst getting to explore the many great places the UK has to offer. Make your academic goals your top priority but consider other hobbies such as taking up the opportunity to attend English course to improve your language skills.

Any issues along the process don’t be worried to get in touch with our helpful team here at Belvoir Leicester.

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