New Energy PerformancCertificates (Scotland) (EPC)– Minimum Standards

As some of you will be aware from my blog (, previous newsletters etc, the Scottish Government has been reviewing the EPC standards for rented property.

This process is not complete and they have published the new requirements.  In short these mean that rented property will need to achieve at least an EPC E from 1stApril 2020 (at change of tenancy) and EPC D by 1stApril 2022 (at change of tenancy) but all properties by 31stMarch 2025.

There is an excellent summary with links to various guides including a YouTube video at the Angus Council Property Blog

I recommend you have a look. Please be aware, the majority of properties will certainly already meet EPC E and there are some exemptions. However, I think that early exploration of likely works, costs etc would save money in the long run, rather than a last minute panic.