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Meet the Team

Sales and Lettings

Claire Leathley

Claire Leathley – Director of Sales

Claire is our Director of Sales and boasts over 10 years experience within the property industry, meaning clients of all nature can expect a highly professional customer driven approach. There’s nothing she hasn’t seen in all her years, so rest assured she’ll be on hand in any eventuality - you can expect to see her wielding a can of WD40 or on her hands and knees rooting up weeds (all free of charge). When she isn’t getting hands on, you can expect Claire to excel with pride at her role within property management, this can include anything from inspections, to inventories, to bond negotiations. Likes – wine, gin, reading, animals, motorbikes, weekends away and food. Dislikes – flaky people, any type of bean and bad driving.

Charlotte Baron

Charlotte Baron – Director of Lettings

Charlotte is our Director of Lettings, she has a Business and Marketing degree under her belt and a passion to succeed. Her role within the team is wide spread and covers areas such as lettings appraisals, viewings, tenant referencing and move ins, landlord and contractor payments, property photography and tenancy renewals. Whilst this can sometimes be chaotic, Charlotte does an amazing job of dealing with each individual role in a highly professional manner and takes pride in her practice. Likes – cooking, interior design, lots of white wine, coffee and travelling. Dislikes – spiders and early mornings.