Wolverhampton Property Market is Electric

Award Winning Wolverhampton Estate Agents take delivery of their new electric Corsas.

It’s all happening at the moment, right here inside this Wolverhampton Estate Agents. Well, ok not just inside the building but on the road and within the market too.

First of all, we need to share with you that happy feeling you get when receiving a gift. Well, our gift came in the form of a new set of wheels.

You can imagine how happy the team were to have the new pool car delivered. It was like Christmas came early to this estate agents. It definitely put a smile on our faces.

Our gift to the environment is an electric car, we take the environment very seriously and feel proud to be travelling around in our new set of wheels. In fact, we could even go as far to say that our brand spanking new Corsa makes us feel…..electric.

On a different note, there has been a change to the property market in the area. Things have been really hotting up on the property prices front. The market in this area is literally on fire! There is so much going on and it’s great.

This is really exciting news for our Wolverhampton estate agents and in fact everyone.

We are thrilled for our sellers, the area as a whole and let’s be honest, with the recent pandemic it’s fantastic to see positive changes in the market. Prices rising and people smiling. We love our customers being happy ones.

In fact, we enjoy it so much we’re inviting you all for a free evaluation.  Whilst the property market is booming, why not give one of our lovely team a call to book yourself in for an evaluation.

If you’ve been thinking about moving or just wondering what your property might be worth, now is the time to find out.

Areas across Wolverhampton can be: Wednesfield , Tettenhall, Codsall ,Bushbury, Bilston, Essington, Willenhall, Pendeford, Coven, Oxley, Perton, Wombourne 

Wherever you are from in Wolverhampton, we look forward to your call.