Why do we advertise our properties with Facebook?

Would you like your agency to advertise in the advert break on Coronation Street? Or would you like a bigger audience? 

80% of the UK uses Facebook and we can get your home in front of potential buyers eyes without them even searching for properties. 

People spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook each day

Many companies post a property advert on their Facebook page which is all well and good, but only people who have liked their Facebook page may see this. 40% of users have never liked a page. We advertise on various sites on Facebook and specialist property pages, as well as targeting areas on Facebook. 
We use eye catching 360° virtual tour videos and photos as well as links to the full  details on our own site  

400 new users sign up to Facebook every minute.

Your property is targeted to potential buyers.

Facebook rightly or wrongly is very powerful and knows everyone's personal profile. This is based on people's likes and conversations they have online, where they live, hobbies, kids, job, interests, if they are moving or looking for a new home…. nearly everything other than your underwear colour! Now some of these people may not be ready to start looking on the portals or contacting us but your property will start appearing on their timeline (their facebook page). Their page will display their friends' updates as well as photos of our properties.  

People access Facebook on average eight times a day.

At Belvoir we don't just target active buyers (who are already looking online) but also to buyers not even looking yet until they see your property. 

Need a proactive estate agent working for you? We are ready and waiting.