Out and About: Do you like historic buildings around Hillingdon?

This weekend, the 16th and 17th of September, across London and right here in Hillingdon many are opening the doors to the public for free at this years ‘Open House’ event.

Many local buildings across the borough will be open such as Swakeleys House, in Ickenham. The building is open on Saturday and the grounds are open both days.  This is a very impressive 17th century property on our door step.  Only open once a year.

Eagle in front of Osterley House

Just outside the borough, for a nice walk in the country in Hounslow I can personally recommend Osterley Park, where the House is opened both day with free access. 

Normally you have to pay or be a National Trust member.  I always find it slightly bonkers that this lovely slice of countryside is located so nicely in West London.  Mud on your boots, beautiful Georgian estate and only the planes coming in to Heathrow to keep you firmly grounded in West London rather than the late 17th century.