How are property prices performing in Hillingdon borough?

The latest Land Registry figures show that Hillingdon property prices have increased by 4.4% over the last year.  The average property price in the area is now £411,748.  

In April 2017, the most recent month data is available prices fell back by 0.5%.

In June last year we had just seen increases of over 16% . Which I would always maintain is not going to be anything like sustainable in the long term.

Personally I always prefer a market that rises more slowly and steadily over time.  The 4.4% we are seeing at the moment is still ahead for the CPI inflation rate of 2.9% we are seeing this month.  

It is quite interesting that the house prices in West Drayton, Hayes and Uxbridge and across the borough are still being supported despite the historically low sales volumes we have seen after the changes in Stamp Duty last year.

Hillingdon Sales Volumes for Property by Month Apr 2015 -Feb 2017