1. Unblocking your drains / toilet / sink

Image of plunger


Every now and then you will need to unblock your drains as you will notice water drains away slowly, or your toilet re-fills to a high level when flushed.


For kitchen sink and bathroom basins we recommend a strong domestic drain unblocking fluid designed specifically for this purpose, for example Mr Muscle. You can buy this in any supermarket and most hardware stores.


For the toilet we recommend you purchase a small plunger for this purpose which is available at most supermarkets and hardware stores.


Helpful tips:


Do not pour greases or cooking fat down your kitchen sink – when possible dispose of it in the bin.


Do not flush wet wipes, make-up wipes, sanitary towels or nappies down the toilet – dispose of them in the bin.


Buy waste traps for your bedroom sink, bath and shower tray (see below). They will stop hair and large deposits going down the plughole and will keep drains clearer for longer.


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