Why should I rent from Belvoir Lettings?

  • Free to register with Belvoir Lettings, just notify us with your requirements
  • Convenient appointment times to the tenant including evenings and Saturdays
  • Viewing is accompanied
  • Tenancy agreement is prepared under current legislation
  • We only manage properties of high standards that meet all current safety regulations e g gas appliances, electrical safety and fire safety for soft furnishings
  • All deposits are held in accordance with current legislation-Custodial Scheme
  • Belvoir will professionally manage the relationship between the tenant and landlord
  • A written inventory including statement of conditions
  • We offer internet listing of properties with digital photographs to help you make the right choice of property
  • Belvoir can also offer you very comprehensive contents insurance
  • Due to our integrated credit and referencing service we are able to give you a speedy response to your enquiry.

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