Tenants: 10 Questions an agent will ask you

Here at Belvoir Crewe & Nantwich we will ask you a number of questions when you call to make an enquiry about a property. These are not to be intrusive but to ensure you are going to be the right tenant for that property. 

1. Why are you moving?

2: What’s your employment situation?

3: How much do you earn?

4: Do you have any credit card debts or other expenses?

5: Can you provide references from your employer and previous landlord?

6: How many people will be living in the property?

7: Do you have pets?

8: Have you ever been evicted?

9: When would you want to move in?

10: Do you have any questions?


We are always here to help our tenants, if you feel you have a special situation please do call us as we will give you the best advice we can and see how we can help you. 

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