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Whilst the tenant ultimately has a contractual relationship with the landlord and not the agent, Belvoir Guildford takes seriosuly its relationship with the tenant.

The tenant is always dealt with courteously and Belvoir goes to great lengths to ensure that the tenant is made fully aware of his responsibilities and liabilities.

Recognising that the rent paid by tenants often represents a significant sum of money, Belvoir realises that the tenant has expectations, especially with regard to the state of a property at check-in, the speed of response to maintenance issues etc.

Rest assured, Belvoir Guildford offers everything that a tenant would fairly expect of a professional agent, and in a number of significant areas, it offers more.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you on your way to a new home with Belvoir!

How do I book a viewing?

Obviously with the internet being the easiest way for you to search for properties a tenant can make enquiries via email through all the main portals or our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will always respond within a working day to these emails, and ideally do so by phone, so we can talk through your requirements and understand whether a particular property is right for you.

So given a choice, if you can, please phone us during office hours, we are a friendly bunch and will be able to act on your requests and answer questions quicker.

Please note if your viewing is booked for a different day, we will call you on the day of the viewing to reconfirm you can still make it and that you have directions.

How do I secure a property?

Although occassionally circumstances dictate a different method ,We always ensure everyone is treated fairly and will put your verbal offer to the Landlord with the rental amount, move in date, length of tenancy and bit of info on yourselves.

Once this is verbally agreed, we will ask for a holding fee, this is not an extra cost and will go towards the first month's rent. The fee is usually £500 but can vary from property to property. We then sign and ask you to sign, an agreement to lease at a future date form.

This form ties both yourselves and the landlord into moving forward with the tenancy, giving you peace of mind that the property is removed from the market and assuming referencing is passed, you will be assured of moving into the property.

Please note: If you pull out after this, you could be liable to lose some or all of your money. However, we treat you fairly and would refund as much of the money as possible, less any genuine losses or costs incurred by the landlord or ourselves through your withdrawal. On the other side, you are protected too, as the Landlord would be liable for any costs you incurred if he or she withdrew without good reason and you would get your money back in full.

What is required to pass referencing?

Each tenant will need to provide photo ID, 2 x proof of address and a satisfactory pass on a credit check.

In addition to this we will require proof of income either via your employer or accountant if self-employed. Overall Gross income should be 2.5 times the annual rent.

There are times when a guarantor is required, most commonly for students but also if credit checks are poor or income is insufficient. A guarantor must be 24 years old, be a UK resident and earn 3 times the annual rent. The guarantor will also need a good credit history and thus will be referenced in full too.

If you can't supply a suitable guarantor then you will be asked to pay the rent for the full fixed term in advance.

What are the costs involved in moving?

At Belvoir Guildford we believe in keeping charges to tenants competitive, fair and transparent. We don't believe in hidden fees. Every tenancy is different but below is the most common scenario:

Each tenant and guarantor will need to pay an admin / referencing charge. Please ask us during your viewing for the actual cost, but rest assured there is only 1 charge and we have nothing to hide. This fee is to cover our costs and time seeking the references.

The other funds you will need prior to move in will be your deposit (usually 1.5 times the rent) and the balance of the first month's rent. NB You will have probably paid £500 of this already when securing the property.

That's it! There are no other costs at move in, as the Landlord pays for the check in and the inventory. On properties that we manage the tenancy, there is, unfortunately, a charge for the check out. This way your costs are kept low at the start of the tenancy when you have to fund the deposit. However, this service, combined with your inventory will give you peace of mind that your deposit will be returned fairly as the condition of the property is recorded at the start and end of your tenancy.

If you have any other questions, please call us.

However for Further Peace of Mind click here.


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