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14th January 2016

1) First impressions really do count

Does your home have kerb appeal? One in three sales are lost before a potential buyer steps inside a property. The first ten seconds of a viewing can heavily influence the outcome.

Take an objective look at the outside of your property and consider what you could do to make it more inviting to potential buyers. Does your home look loved and well maintained? Is the front garden tidy and the pathway to the front door free from obstruction? Is it litter free? Do the windows or front door need a lick of paint or a clean? Are curtains and blinds in good working order? Ensure that you create a good first impression for viewers.

2) De-clutter

Try to take an objective look at the inside of your house. An uncluttered room is more appealing to viewers and gives the impression of space. Start with the area immediately behind the front door to make the first step into the property as inviting as possible. De-cluttering now will also help in preparation for your moving day.

3) The sweet smell of success

Just like the smell of bread when you walk into your favourite supermarket, Visual signs are not the only important factors when making a lasting impression on your viewers. Smell can have a huge impact on the chance of selling your home. Pet, tobacco and cooking odours are some of the most common offenders. Making sure the property is clean and free from odours is vital. Fresh flowers or brewing a pot of coffee can be welcoming for viewers.

4) Pets

Your pets are very much part of your family. However, your potential purchasers may not share your love of animals and it is very important to be aware of this. If you can, ask a friend or family member to have the pets for a short while during the viewing to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situations.

5) A chance to shine

Making sure that your property is clean throughout is critical for successful viewings. The rooms which will showcase your chance to shine in particular will be the bathrooms and cloakrooms. Potential buyers will be looking to see a clean and fresh looking bathroom which is free from clutter and smelling good!. Sparkling taps and stain free tiles and grout are also very important. Fresh towels and a subtle candle or room fragrance will enhance this area.

6) Let there be light

Be aware of the amount of light in each room, particularly if you are selling your house in the cold and dark winter months. Think about the colour schemes and if needed, a fresh coat of paint in neutral colours can do wonders to lighten any dark spaces. Look at the lighting in your house and reposition lamps into dark corners of rooms and ensure that all light bulbs are working to create as much light as possible.

7) Dress to impress

Dressing your dining room table will show its full potential and inject some personality into the room. Being able to visualise the family sitting around the table and how this space may work for potential buyers will spark their imagination. It might seem trivial, but every little helps!

8) The heart of the home

The kitchen is very often the heart of the home and it’s no wonder that potential buyers regard this as one of the most important rooms in the house. So, what can you do to improve this area if it is looking a little tired? Don’t panic, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a difference. Replacing door fronts, a fresh coat of paint and good lighting may be all you need to do to transform the area. De-cluttering work surfaces is vital to ensure that you create a feeling of space and functionality. Make sure this room is sparkling clean, smelling fresh and inviting.

9) The great outdoors

As with the front garden, the rear of the house is just as important. Try to create a lifestyle that would appeal to your viewers so that they can imagine themselves using the garden area. Make it appealing with garden furniture and plants. If the garden area is small, some hanging baskets or plant pots can make the area inviting and colourful. Take an objective look at the rear of the property as well as the garden and address any maintenance areas such as fencing, sheds, windows and doors.

10) No pressure

Make the viewing a positive and relaxing experience. This is your home and it will have many emotional attachments but try to allow your potential buyers to view your home in their own time without overselling. Give them space to wander around and explore the property in more detail. Make them feel welcome and offer them a drink, to sit down and the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.


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