The Darth Mannion- Running a Landlords Journey

It’s nearly one week since I took part in The Darth Mannion Beach and Swamp Run, which starts from South Gower Rugby Club in my beautiful local village of Bishopston.

It involves thirteen (ish) miles of running across our beautiful Gower coastline and countryside, coupled with sea and river dips (dips is an understatement!!) and wading through a sheep dip (I fell in twice) located between the sought-after South Gower village of Pennard and the unspoilt natural beauty of Pwll Du.

After handing out jelly babies to the participants in 2018, and thinking that if I give them enough money as a sponsor, they will leave me alone. I was shamed in to participating in this “Running for Idiots” (their words not mine!). Now, I’ve always enjoyed both playing and watching sport, but I’ve never liked running which is another understatement, and as a novice back in October, I had no idea where to start, apart from asking friends/demi-gods who have competed in Triathlons and Iron Man.

The initial advice they gave me was fantastic and I began to see a huge improvement in my times and distances week after week. However, as the distances increased, I began to pick up what felt like daily injuries, which were not subsiding and were potentially jeopardising my chances of running in the Darth. It was at this moment that I decided to seek out experts who could help with the injuries, and after 6 weeks of some intense sports massages, daily stretching and reviewing my diet, I was ready to run on April 6th.

Without the initial advice of my friends I would never have got to the level of running, which was needed, but more importantly, without the help of experts and specialists, I would never have recovered from my injuries in order to run in The Darth. Surprisingly, but perhaps not, there are parallels to that of a Landlords journey to those of my experiences when preparing for The Darth Mannion.

At first, you can take advice from your friends or family about what and where to buy for your first investment property, although I’d recommend sitting down for a free consultation with an agent who can give you a full market overview. You may get lucky and buy a superb investment property which needs very little maintenance upkeep, attracts quality tenants, high yields, and is in an area which enjoys capital appreciation year on year.

You may also have a hassle-free tenancy for a couple of years, but what happens when something goes wrong? Who do you turn to for advice then?

Amateur Landlords, just like novice runners, ultimately need the advice of Industry Experts for them to achieve their goals. As for The Darth Mannion, I’ll be running again in 2020, but I’ll be running faster and smarter this time, yes with the help of friends and family, but ultimately with the professional advice of Industry experts for when something (and it will) goes wrong…and hopefully I can avoid falling in the sheep dip this time but no-one can help me with this!  

For more information on our Free Buy-To-Let Service or Fully Managed Service, simply click on the links below, or if you’re just an idiot who likes running, there’s a link there for you too.    

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