Must-dos to sell your house

You may often ask yourself ‘is it the right time to sell my house?’ In previous years, we may have told you that for a quicker sale, the peak times for quicker sales are between February and June or September and October. However, the housing market in Swansea has changed significantly, and rapidly.

It is no secret that the property market in Swansea has boomed in 2021. The impact of the pandemic has meant that people are looking to move to areas where they can have a better work-life balance. Swansea is the 2nd fastest growing UK city (behind Truro) for house price increases; with prices on average, up 18% compared with 2020. Swansea has so much to offer, it’s where country meets coast and city meets a five-mile stretch of beach, with some of the world’s best beaches in the Gower. 

Houses are reaching and leaving the market in record time and so there is currently no bad time to sell your home in Swansea. This year alone, we have sold a wide range of properties from flats in the Swansea city centre, to terraced houses in Sketty and Mumbles, to spectacular detached homes in Langland.

You should instead ask, ‘what should I do before I sell my house?’ To help you, we’ve shared the must-dos before your house reaches market:  

Local Estate Agents in Swansea

The most important thing is finding the right local, estate agent for you. You need an agency that knows your area, as well as your home. Selling a house is more than selling four walls, it’s about selling a lifestyle to future buyers. We are the local Sketty estate agent, Mumbles estate agent and Swansea Marina estate agent. Our team know each of our areas incredibly well and are proud of Swansea and all it has to offer.

Our team will also ensure a quick valuation on your property, so you can start thinking about your next steps and the price range of homes you can afford.

Reliable mortgage advisors in Swansea

Once you have your valuation, it’s now time to explore your budget.

The beauty of our agency is that we have our very own in-house mortgage advisor based in our Belvoir Swansea office in Swansea Marina. (Chris Mason), can find the best mortgage deals in Swansea for you, meaning you can sell your property and sort your mortgage agreement within the same place. Selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences a person encounters and it’s our role to alleviate as much of that as possible, with our full-service, experienced agency.

Dress to impress

Before photos and virtual tours are taken of your home, there are some must-dos to make your property look great for buyers and help sell your house. Cleaning and de-cluttering is essential. It won’t only open up your space but will help buyers visualise their items in your home. Looking at your home with a fresh pair of eyes is also important. Invite a friend or family member to walk through and pick up anything that may need touching up; which may not be obvious to you, but will be for potential buyers. Is any wallpaper peeling? Chipped paint? Do your carpets need shampooing? These touch-ups will make a big difference in photos and during viewings. 

Conveyancing solicitors in Swansea

We would advise appointing a conveyancing solicitor as soon as you decide to put your home on the market. With properties in Swansea selling quickly, it’s best to be ready if things were to progress quickly. We can recommend excellent Swansea conveyancing solicitors who have provided exceptional services to our vendors over the past few years. Did you know that in addition to the legal paperwork when selling your home, you also need to conduct an EPC rating on your property? Change to a “valid EPC Certificate”. We can help with any you every step of the way.

While these are the must-dos when you decide to sell your home, we would always recommend contacting our experienced team in the first instance, so they can guide you through the whole process. Selling your home needn’t be daunting, it’s the first step in your exciting next chapter.

To explore your options, contact our team at either Belvoir Swansea, Belvoir Sketty or Belvoir Mumbles directly, on:
or call 01792 461929.