Landlord FAQ: Questions you should ask your letting agent before you let your property in Swansea

We know that many blog posts and articles written by estate agents advise you to ask them questions that play to their strengths. Our expert Lettings Lister and Senior Negotiator, Anthony Roige, tells us that the secret to choosing the best lettings agent to let your property in Swansea is to ask yourself these five questions following an introductory meeting with an agent.

Do you feel like the agent understood the specific requirements you have as a landlord?

People choose to become landlords for many different reasons. For some, becoming a landlord is a career choice, and they gradually develop an extensive property portfolio. For others, letting one or two properties forms part of their retirement plan. Some people become landlords after inheriting a property from a loved one, or simply decide to let their home while they temporarily relocate. Whatever the reason, every landlord is unique and every situation is different. Your agent should recognise this and understand what is most important to you. Only then can they find the right person who’s going to rent your property. 

Did the agent answer all my questions sufficiently?

The process of letting your property can be complicated and sometimes agents can cherry-pick certain aspects that suggest they’re better than competitors. However, you must be careful that they aren’t avoiding questions that don’t play to their strengths. The right agent will make sure that they address all of your questions in equal measure, and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

Does the agent know the local area? 

Correctly marketing a property is pivotal in attracting the right tenant. An agent who knows the local area will be able to highlight the unique selling points of the property that will generate the most interest from the right people. The first step in letting is attracting people to view the property, but finding the right tenant will achieve the best results for  you and your property.

Did the agent provide constructive feedback? 

The right agent will provide constructive feedback on what you need to do to achieve the best results for your property. Feedback can include the best time to conduct viewings, the changes you can make to a property, or what you can do to market the property in its best light. An Agent who doesn’t offer any constructive feedback is doing you a disservice and is potentially only interested in getting you in and out the door as fast as possible, instead of working with you to achieve the outcome that YOU want. 

Do I feel confident in trusting this agent with my property?

When you choose a particular agent to instruct, you are entrusting them with one of your most valuable assets. The way they present themselves will also influence potential tenants. You need to feel confident that they believe in what they have told you, have been realistic with the expectations of the property, and are going to showcase your space to the best of their ability. 

One final piece of advice? Find feedback. Read reviews from other landlords who have worked with the agents you have shortlisted. If you scroll through the last 15 to 20 reviews, you can get a feel for what people in a similar situation have experienced when working with their agents, and whether they were fully satisfied with the service.

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