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Applicant Information Guide

Thank you for choosing Belvoir Swansea.

Please read this guide carefully – it provides information on our application and referencing processes, our terms and conditions and the next steps to you moving in to your new home.















1.     Making an offer, applying for a property and paying holding deposits


2.     References


3.     Affordability & ID


4.     Proofs of Address & Scale of Tenant Charges


5.     Requests, Tenancy Agreements, Rents & Security Deposits


6.     Pets, Utilities, Insurance & Move in


7.     Declaration


8.     Data Policy & Complaints









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Making an offer on a property

Once you have found a suitable property with Belvoir, you will need to get in touch with one of our Lettings Negotiators and put forward your offer. At this stage, we will discuss details such as; move in date, fixed term length, number of tenants, any pets, your circumstances, rent amount, and any specific requests (for instance, permission to decorate or request for landlord to include additional furniture).

There may be occasions that we have more than one party interested in a property. In this case, we will discuss the circumstances of each applicant with the Landlord who will decide whom they wish to proceed with. If you do lose out on a property, this does not necessarily mean the Landlord was unhappy with your application, and we will do all we can to assist you in your search for the perfect home.


Applying for a property

Once your offer has been accepted by the landlord, all applicants will be asked to complete an application form, and make payment of a holding deposit to secure the property. This information will be emailed to you by one of our Lettings Negotiators, along with details of the agreed terms (i.e. move in date, length of fixed term, etc), and an Agreement to Lease. We request that payment of your holding deposit and completion of all forms is done within 1 working day of the offer confirmation being sent to you.

It is essential that you provide us with as much information as possible, and that the information provided is honest and accurate. If you have any concerns regarding our referencing criteria, then we recommend you raise these with your Negotiator prior to making any payments for the property.

We allow approximately 7 days to complete our references, and we will keep you updated throughout the process. We may need to make contact with you to request additional information, and we ask that you are as helpful as possible in order to assist our team with speeding up the process.

Payments to secure a property

·         A Holding Deposit of up to the equivalent of one week’s rent (calculated by Rent PCM / 4.35) will be payable when your application is accepted. This is held as security against the property and will be used towards your first months’ rent when you move in. If you decide to pull out of the tenancy, or if you fail references, then we reserve the right to retain the equivalent of this holding deposit.


·         Once you have paid your holding deposit, and your application forms have been received, the property will be removed from all marketing and viewings will cease.


Refund of Payments

·         If the Landlord refuses to proceed with your application, despite satisfactory references, the holding deposit will be refunded in full.


·         If the letting does not go ahead due to default by the prospective tenant; or the credit check or references are unsatisfactory; or it becomes apparent that facts given to us in this application prove to be untruthful, we will retain the one week’s holding deposit (calculated at rent / 4.35) for works carried out in good faith. All remaining holding deposit will be refunded to you within 7 days of written confirmation.







Once we have received your application forms and holding deposit, you will receive an additional email from Let Alliance with a link to complete a form online. Please note that you are required to complete the form within 1 working day of receiving it, and failure to do so will delay your application and will result in the property going back on the market and your holding deposit refunded to you. If you are unable to access a PC or the internet for any reason and are therefore unable to complete the form, then please contact your Negotiator urgently.

The online form will ask you to supply three years worth of previous addresses in full, details of your employment and/or other income, your national insurance number and details of your current landlord or living situation. You will also be asked to provide some bank account information, in order for Let Alliance to complete a fully comprehensive credit check and score. We advise that you have all relevant information to hand and allow yourself at least 30 minutes to complete the form. The form can be saved and returned to if need be.

Photo Identification

All applicants are required to provide photo ID – this should be brought to one of our offices where a member of staff will take a photocopy to keep on file. A full list of acceptable identification documents can be found within this guide.

Proof of Address

All applicants are also required to provide two proofs of current address, for example, a utility bill or credit card statement. The documents provided must show your name, full address and be dated within the last three months. A full list of acceptable POAs can be found within this guide.

Credit Check

All applicants will undergo a credit check via Let Alliance, to search for any serious adverse credit, such as CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy orders, and to provide a credit score. If you have any adverse credit registered against you it may prove impossible to grant you a Tenancy unless satisfactory evidence of the clearance of debt is produced prior to the commencement of the Tenancy. If you have any such Judgments registered against you but do not declare them on your application form, they will in any case be found on our checking system and you may be disqualified from proceeding with the proposed tenancy. You are therefore advised in all circumstances of known or suspected bad credit to discuss the situation fully at the outset so we may properly advise you of how your application may proceed before you commit to any holding deposit payment.


Employment/Income Check


In order to ensure you meet the affordability criteria for the property, each applicant will undergo and employment/income check. Let Alliance will contact your employer/accountant/pension provider to obtain this information, and so we recommend you alert the relevant person in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

For your own guidance you should be aware that to meet the required income to rent ratio your salary/income should be at least 2.5x your share of the annual rent (3x for guarantors). This information may also be obtained by Let Alliance by using your credit file.


Landlord Reference


For applicants who are already renting, or have rented previously, Let Alliance may also obtain a reference from your current/previous Landlord. This is to ascertain if there are/were any issues with your Tenancy (i.e. non-payment of rent or breaches of Tenancy obligations). Again, we recommend you alert the relevant person in order to avoid any unnecessary delays. This information may also be obtained by Let Alliance by using your credit file.



If you are unable to provide satisfactory references or credit check you may still be offered (at the landlord’s discretion) a Tenancy subject to a satisfactory Guarantor being provided (even if you propose to pay the full rent in advance).  This person should be over 24, based in the UK and in full time employment, earning at least 3 times your proposed annual rent. The Guarantor will be asked to complete a Guarantor’s application form. They will also need to meet satisfactory reference checks and a satisfactory credit check and will be expected to sign the tenancy agreement to guarantee your legal commitments in the Tenancy.

If you are claiming benefits of any kind or are under 21 years of age, you will in all cases require a Guarantor. This Guarantor will need to meet all the criteria outlined in the above paragraph.

It is vital that Guarantors are also available to attend the office for signing on the agreed move in date. If this is not feasible, you need to alert a member of the team as soon as possible.


Right to Retention of Holding Deposit Funds for providing false or misleading information

In line with the Renting Homes (Fees Etc.) (Wales) Act 2019, the Agent be entitled to retain a Holding Deposit (maximum of one week) should a Tenant/Applicant provide false or misleading information at the time of applying for a tenancy. Examples could include (but are not limited to), information coming back from referencing checks that differs to that supplied by the applicant on their application, such as false references, misleading details of current employment or CCJs being discovered when the Tenant has stated they do not have any. If an Applicant/Tenant’s application is not successful and, on these grounds, then this will be communicated to you in writing, no more than 15 days after you have paid the Holding Deposit. In this event then the Holding Deposit (maximum of one week) will be retained by the Agent, unless the Applicant/Tenant is able to prove otherwise.

Right to retention of holding deposit funds for the Tenant’s failure to enter into a Tenancy Agreement

If a Tenant/Applicant chooses not to enter into a Tenancy Agreement or fail to take reasonable steps to enter a Tenancy Agreement, the Agent may retain the holding deposit (maximum of one week). This will be confirmed in writing to the Tenant/Applicant within 7 days of us being aware that the Tenant/Applicant is no longer proceeding.

Affordability Calculator

We have put together the table below in order to help applicants and guarantors establish if they meet the affordability criteria. Please note that the income is considered pre-tax deductions. Please also note that if there is more than one applicant, the affordability will be based on the combined income. If you have any doubts regarding your affordability for a property, please raise these with your Negotiator before proceeding with any holding deposit payments.

Monthly Rent

Applicant Minimum Salary/Income

Guarantor Minimum Salary/Income












































































Acceptable ID Documents

·         Full or Provisional new style driving licence

·         Current signed Passport

·         European Economic Association (EEA) ID Card

·         Resident permit issued to EEA applicant by Home Office

·         Firearms/shotgun certificate

·         State Pension or Benefits Book/Notification letter

·         Sub Contractors Tax Certificate

·         Inland Revenue tax notification letter

·         Credit Card statement

·         Criminal Records Bureau Certificate

·         Police Warrant Card

·         Forces ID Card


If the document you are using as proof does not include a photo – which is essential – then a separate passport style photo must be provided and countersigned by a suitable person. The list of suitable persons is the same as used when applying for a passport and can be found at



Acceptable Proofs of Address


An applicant must provide 2 forms of Proof of Address, other than evidence being used as ID. Both forms of proof of Address must be dated within 3 months from date of application. However, if you are using an annual bill as proof this must be dated within 12 months of the application. The items below are acceptable:


·         Utility Bill or mobile phone bill

·         Full or Provisional new style driving licence

·         Letter from employer, on headed paper, confirming applicant’s home address

·         Bank/Building Society Statement.

·         Most recent mortgage statement

·         Current Local Authority Tax bill

·         Local authority rent card or tenancy agreement

·         House or motor insurance certificate

·         State pension or Benefit notification letter

·         Credit Card Statement

·         Criminal Records Bureau Certificate

·         Payslip

·         TV Licence

·         Student Loan Award Letter

·         Sky/Virgin Bill

·         Inland Revenue Tax notification letter (if not being used as proof of ID)






Tenant Charges and Payments (Assured Shorthold Tenancies)


Prior to Tenancy

Holding Deposit Payment:

Any applicant wishing to take a property will be required to pay a Holding Deposit of up to one week’s rent (calculated at RentPCM / 4.35), to secure the Property.

These funds are held securely in a Client Account and repaid to the Applicant in the event that their application has been unsuccessful, or may be retained by the Agent in the event that the applicant fails references or withdraws from the tenancy. Please refer to our Terms on Refunding Holding Deposits.

In the event that the application has been successful then both Applicant and the Agent will confirm in writing of the intention for the Holding Deposit to be held by the Agent and put against the first months’ rent at the start of the Tenancy.

Ahead of the move-in, Tenants are required to pay:

One month’s rent (minus any Holding Deposit already paid and held by the Agent)


A Security Deposit of the equivalent of one months rent plus £200


A Pet Security Deposit of £100 for each pet agreed to be on the Tenancy (pre-agreed at application stage)


During the Tenancy

The Agent reserves the right to charge a reasonable cost for managing or bringing to the Tenants attention any breaches of contract made by the tenant. All Tenancy Obligations are outlined within the Tenancy Agreement, a copy of which is available to you at Application stage. Our Scale of Charges are as follows;

Missed Pre-Arranged Appointments (with a Belvoir Representative or a Contractor). Whereby an appointment has been arranged with the Tenant and the Tenant has failed to attend or has refused entry.

Belvoir Representative – Variable and within reason, based on time and distance

Contractor – Variable and within reason

Management of Rent Arrears – to cover the administration of managing a Tenant who fails to pay their rent in full or on time

£15.00 per letter (including VAT)

Avoidable or purposeful damage to the property.

In the event that Belvoir has to write to a Tenant to advise them of damage to a property caused by neglect or careless or wilful behaviour.

£15.00 per letter (including VAT)

Replacement keys or access cards

Loss of keys by the tenant requiring the Agent to arrange for the cutting of new keys and any associated costs of delivering new keys to the tenant and the landlord.

£15.00 (including VAT) per hour for Belvoir representative time, plus the cost of the keys

Letters to Tenants to bring to their attention a contract breach.

£15.00 per letter (including VAT)

Failed Payments Charge

In the event that funds paid to the Agent by the Tenant are refused or required to be returned by the bank for any reason then a charge will apply.


£12.00 per occurrence (including VAT)

Ending a Tenancy Agreement Early

If the Tenant wishes to end the Tenancy Agreement early (please note this is only a viable option if agreed by all relevant parties including the Landlord)


Tenant to pay the cost of the landlords Re Let Fee (minimum of £390 including VAT up to 60% of one months rent including VAT, whichever is greater)


Tenant Charges and Payments (Contractual Tenancies – Company Lets)


Prior to Tenancy

Application Fee & Holding Deposit Payment:

Company Referencing Application £360.00 including VAT (£300 plus VAT)

Guarantor £90.00 including VAT (£75 plus VAT)

A non-refundable Application Fee (As Set out above) is payable to secure a property and commence with the application process.


A Holding Deposit of a minimum of £200 up to the equivalent of one month’s rent

Ahead of the move-in, Tenants are required to pay:

One month’s rent (minus any Holding deposit already paid and held by the Agent)


A Security Deposit of the equivalent of one month’s rent plus £200


A Pet Security Deposit of £100 for each pet agreed to be on the Tenancy (pre-agreed at application stage)

During a Tenancy

Please refer the scale of charges above

End of Tenancy

Check out administration fee of £75.00 (no VAT), only applicable if provided with a full inventory at check in


Invoices or receipts can be provided upon request, by emailing



















Additional Requests/Stipulations


We take all measures to ensure that all our properties are safe, clean and habitable, and that all fixtures, fittings and appliances (if provided) are in good working order. Having said this, the general condition of the property is taken as seen on the initial viewing (i.e. condition of carpets, décor, furniture, etc). If you are not happy with any aspect of the condition of the property, it is vital that you raise this prior to starting the application process, as any improvements requested after the start of the tenancy may only be undertaken at the Landlord’s discretion. There is a section on the application form for any additional requests, and we also recommend you raise these with your Lettings Negotiator prior to making payment of any holding deposits.


Tenancy Agreement

The majority of our Tenancy Agreements are ASTs (Assured Shorthold Tenancy). The initial ‘Fixed Term’ period will usually be either 6 or 12 months, sometimes longer, during which time both the Tenant and the Landlord are committing to the full period. Once the Fixed Term has expired, the Tenancy will automatically roll on to a ‘Periodic’ Tenancy (monthly rolling), until either party gives notice.

The Landlord or Tenant may request a new fixed term, in which case we will carry out further reference checks on each Tenant (credit check and employment/income check), providing a new fixed term is agreed by both parties.

A copy of your Tenancy Agreement will be emailed to you once references have been completed, and prior to your move in date. We highly recommend you take the time to read through the Agreement before you commit yourself to the obligations that will be placed upon you, and seek independent advice if necessary.


The first month’s rent will be required in cleared funds ahead of your move in date, and before we can release keys. We will request this via email a few days ahead of your signing appointment, minus any holding deposit you have already paid.

Future rent payments must be paid by standing order, either to Belvoir or to the Landlord directly, depen