4 Ways to Find Tenants

Finding the perfect tenant can be a big challenge. Having an empty property is a great cause of stress, as even though no one is occupying it, you still have to pay its expenses. Part of the success in letting properties is being able to find the right tenant.

People look for properties to rent in many places, and knowing where you should market your property will aid you in finding tenants faster.


Renting Websites

Advertising on reputable renting websites provides you a platform that prospective tenants trust and will know is safe to contact you through. You can post your property on websites that target your area through online research. And as websites allow for filters by category, tenants are able to find the exact property they want.


Social Media

Social media websites are used by millions of people every day. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are popular choices when spreading information. Your network of friends will ensure that more people are reached.

You can also advertise in renting groups on Facebook, as Twitter limits how much information you can add. These groups are more likely to catch attention as people will be actively looking for properties that suit their needs.


Word of Mouth

If you have tenants currently renting your property, you can let them know about other vacancies you have. They are likely to know friends or family members looking for a place to rent. Telling your friends and loved ones about your property will also reach a higher number of prospective tenants.


Letting Agents

Advertising through letting agents allows you to have a professional and recognised platform to market your property. While you can do the property marketing yourself on renting websites, letting agents will remove the stress of being on top of the situation and of the legalities of renting, as they are highly trained.

Respected agents will know how to look through prospective tenants’ applications and find the ideal tenant for your property. Here at Belvoir we offer a wide range of services for landlords, including appraising, marketing, and management of properties, according to landlords’ individual needs.


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