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Home Staging & Interior Styling

Staging a property for sale or rent is one of the most important early tools in any marketing plan. Creating a lifestyle to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers is key to achieving the quickest sale at the best price. If we say you could invest 1% and get a 10% increase in value after staging, would you consider it a no-brainer? Staging is not as expensive as people think. It’s an affordable option for any budget and is invaluable to secure quick results.

Professional home staging will produce a decluttered and dressed property, specifically geared towards a target market which considers the style of property, the local market and importantly the client’s budget and brief. Have a look here at Before and After photos to see the dramatic effect home staging can have on a property’s attractiveness.




Belvoir Stoke are proud to be the first agent in town offering a home staging service to this scale. We are partnering with interior stylist Samantha Bamford from Nest & Kin.

Who can benefit from home staging

Staging can be used across any range of property categories including new builds, short term rentals such as air BNB through to houses of multiple occupancy and professional co-living arrangements.

After consultation and depending on budget and timings, property is often given a decoration refresh to tone down any dramatic schemes or palettes and then dressed with appropriate furniture and furnishings. Each room is given a clearly defined purpose and focal point, to really showcase the space and sell a lifestyle to any potential buyer.

It is essential to know who the target market is to ensure the look and feel really captivates the right audience, particularly in such an image conscience society where social media will play a huge part in its promotion.

In terms of furnishing a space there are many options available, short and long term furniture rentals are common and can include decor and accessories. Alternatively sourced items can be bought according to budget and either taken with the seller or sold to the buyer as part of the sale.

Once the property is dressed to impress it is important that the photography echos the quality and standard intended and that key elements are captured in the pack to truly captivate the buyer.

 Digital styling as an alternative

As an alternative to physical home staging, digital styling has grown in popularity during the pandemic as an alternative way to showcase interiors during lockdown. We will be able to prepare a digital visualisation of the room as dressed with furniture and furnishings, to produce a scaled photo real image of key rooms – living room & master bedroom for example – to use in the marketing pack.

This is an absolute must if the property is empty as unoccupied spaces are notoriously difficult for buyers to visualise how the space can be used.

Please see these photos that illustrate how valuable digital styling is.


Contact us for more information

To find out more, call us or Samantha directly. Our professional home stager, Samantha Bamford, will discuss options and costs with you. She will ensure there is a clear brief at the consultation stage to ensure time and money is spent wisely. There is no charge for calling her to discuss this home staging or digital styling service.

Email: samantha@nestandkinhomestaging.com

Phone: 07837215235

Website: https://nestandkinhomestaging.com/