How to Choose a Stamford Estate Agent

Here are six things to look for in a Stamford estate agent.

Time to choose a Stamford estate agent? There are certain general criteria to look for in an estate agent no matter where you are based: positive reviews and affiliation with key industry bodies such as The Property Ombudsman, for example. But what about the things that are more specific to estate agents in Stamford and Bourne?

Here are six things to be aware of.

1. In-depth knowledge of the local market

The property market in Stamford and Bourne is unique. It’s best to choose an agent whose understanding of the market is as lofty as the trees in Bourne Wood. An agent with in-depth local knowledge is better able to price your property accurately and advertise your house in a way that resonates with potential buyers – both in the property description and during viewings.

2. A track record of successful sales

No two properties are ever really the same. But if you want to sell your house with minimum hassle it can help to choose a Stamford estate agent with a proven track record of selling properties that are similar to yours. From jaw-dropping limestone cottages in Stamford to the new build apartments in Bourne, we have experience of selling a wide range of properties here at Belvoir. Try us!

3. Deference to your ambitions  

Some estate agents insist on doing things their way. For example if they have certain sales quotas to hit, you may find your agent applying pressure to reduce the price of your property. Here at Belvoir Stamford and Bourne we are led by the seller. The starting point of every sale is a no-obligation chat about why you are selling, the outcome you are hoping to achieve, when you would like to sell by and the type of buyer you would prefer to sell to.

If you need a quick sale we have the reach to attract a high number of buyers at the double to trigger a bidding war. Alternatively if you would prefer to hold out for the best price possible we know how to position your property to attract the right type of buyers. It’s all about you. Just the way it should be.

4. An end-to-end service

Be wary of estate agents who outsource certain responsibilities to suppliers or third parties. The more that’s outsourced, the less personally invested that agent is in your property sale. Here at Belvoir Stamford and Bourne we have the expertise to take care of everything in-house – from the initial valuation right through to completion. That includes managing the complex conveyancing process and liaising with all parties to ensure your sale stays on the right tracks. We can even recommend tried and trusted conveyancing solicitors if you would like us to. Best of all we will give you a designated point of contact throughout the entire process who is personally involved in the sale of your house. So the answers to your queries are only ever one phone call away.

5. Honesty, clarity and transparency

Selling your property is one of the biggest transactions you will ever be involved in. It’s reasonable to expect timely, clear and open communication from your estate agent, isn’t it? Anything less just causes unnecessary stress.

6. A good local reputation  

Estate agents with a strong reputation and attractive portfolio attract buyers. That can help to ensure your property sparks interest from the moment it’s placed on the market. A strong high street presence, memorable brand and – most importantly – positive public perception are key features to look for.

What next?

Looking for a Stamford estate agent? We offer an end-to-end in-house service. Call us to arrange a free property valuation and market consultation. There’s no obligation to use our services after we have had a conversation about your property – and our advice may help you reach one or two conclusions about what you’d like to achieve from your property sale. Try us.

Lottie Hostead
Sales Manager
01733 511099

This blog is written by Lottie Hostead Belvoir Estate Agency Stamford’s Property Sales Manager. Born and raised here she is both a property expert with 10 years experience selling homes and a genuine local. If you’re thinking of selling your home here then give her a call for a free no-obligation valuation.

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