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Local Buyers Guide - Tallington

Tallington is a village with history dating back to Neolithic times and has always been a great place to live. St Lawrence’s Church is a real ancient landmark dating as it does from 1035.

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Local Buyers Guide - Carlby

An incredibly picturesque village with some beautiful historical buildings Carlby sits equidistant from Bourne and Stamford and is in the district of South Kesteven, Lincolnshire.

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Local Buyers Guide - Barnack

Barnack is a superb stone built village with a strong community. An ancient village site and historically was known as the source of Barnack limestone that was much used for building since Roman times across the country. The village church St. John the Baptist’s is built from this Oolitic Lincolnshire Limestone as are several other delightful Grade II listed buildings in the village.

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Local Buyers Guide - Ryhall

Ryhall is a exceptional village. It really has the best of many worlds wrapped up inside it's borders. Read all about it's community and amenities here in our local buyers guide.

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Lettings management in Stamford: the cost of choosing an agent that’s 1% cheaper

Like many landlords you may be tempted to choose a letting agent based on the cost of their fees. But doing so could prove to be an expensive mistake.

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Avoiding mistakes when choosing a tenancy agreement in Stamford and Bourne

As a landlord in Stamford and Bourne, making sure you are familiar with the ins and outs of property law is one of the most important parts of the job.

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How to Choose a Stamford Estate Agent

Here are six things to look for in a Stamford estate agent.

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Landlords: what’s the best length tenancy to offer?

As a landlord, what’s the best length tenancy to offer?

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How to Stop Property Sales Fall through - from an Estate Agency in Stamford and Bourne

As a leading estate agency in Stamford and Bourne, we know what’s required to help prevent a property sale from falling through.

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Can you Change Letting Agent as a Landlord?

Can you change letting agent as a landlord? Yes you can - and it's easier than you think!

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Is Renting Worse Than Buying for your Bank Balance?

Is renting worse than buying for your bank balance?

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13 Legal Obligations as a Landlord

Here are some of the legal obligations as a landlord you should be aware of.

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