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Southampton Landlord's £37m tax bill!!

I am asking Royston Smith, Caroline Nokes and Alan Whitehead the Conservative and Labour MP’s covering Southampton to remind the Chancellor and Prime Minister to use their persuasive skills to highlight and take a more holistic approach and attitude to the private rented sector and tackle issues which affect a Southampton landlords’ capability and capacity to strategically run an effective buy-to-let business

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Springtime selling - 9 tips to get you moving

After a winter of short, dark days sitting on the sofa working their way through the bottomless tub of Christmas ‘Celebrations’, home-hunters are hungry for a change. Spring is on the horizon, the most salient time of year for house sales. With this in mind the team at Belvoir have put together a selection of nine tips to get you moving this springtime.

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The £3.4 billion mortgage debt of Southampton homeowners

Irrespective of the shenanigans and political goings on in Westminster recently, the housing market (for the time being anyway) shows a striking resilience, fostered by the on-going wide-ranging monetary policy of the Bank of England. With interest rates and unemployment low, UKc is heading into 2020 in reasonable condition.  Additionally, despite the UK’s new homes industry improving its year on year new build figures (building 173,660 new homes this year to date - notably 8% more new homes than at the same time last year), there has been an unequal increase in demand for housing, especially in the most thriving areas of the Country.

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Create first impressions that last

Seven seconds. That’s all the time you have in which to make a good first impression. During that brief timeframe, we create an indelible impression of ourselves.

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Need to change your Letting Agent, here's how

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The money to buy a new iPhone11 represents just over a seventh of a Southampton first-time buyers mortgage deposit

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Southampton landlords please, please, please take heed!

We had a potentially life-threatening situation in one of our managed properties last week. The tenant, his wife and two young children were woken in the middle of the night by the co2 alarm going off

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Is This the End of No-Fault Section 21 Evictions for the 61,713 Southampton Tenants?

In the late spring, the Government announced that they were planning to end no-fault evictions for tenants living in private rented accommodation.

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Don't list your house for sale now!

If you are about to put your property up for sale or have just appointed an agent to do so, get them to hold off going live with the advert on the portals until Boxing Day

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