Tenant Services in Sleaford

Before you start to look for a property to rent in Sleaford there are several important factors that you need to consider;

How much you can afford

You need to consider not just how much you can afford in rent but also consider the amount it may cost you to move in and pay bills etc.

Holding Deposit – This is 1 weeks rent paid early with your application with an “Agreement to lease” document signed which has an agreed future date to move in, if you fail referencing or do not move in, some or all of the holding deposit could be forfeited, full terms of this is outlined in the agreement to lease document.

Rent – You need to calculate how much you can pay a month and if income can cover this. Here at Belvoir we ask that you have an annual income of at least 2.5 x the annual rent. The first month’s rent is paid on the day you collect your keys and sign your Tenancy Agreement.

Deposit – Although this is a one off payment of 5 weeks rent, you need to calculate this cost into your total cost of moving. The deposit is also paid on the day you collect your keys and sign your Tenancy Agreement. It is then registered into a chosen deposit scheme. The deposit is taken to cover the cost of any dilapidations (damages) at the end of your tenancy. You will not be able to get the deposit back until your tenancy has ended and the amount that is returned has to be agreed by both the landlord and the tenant (if there are dilapidations to be deducted).

Bills –As well as monthly rent payments you need to calculate the amount you may have to pay for bills! The usual bills you may find you get are; Gas, Electric, Water, Council Tax, TV License plus others.

Furniture – Unless stated otherwise, the majority of our properties are unfurnished (apart from an oven). You may also want to factor the cost of furniture into your moving cost calculations!

How soon can you move in/should I start looking?

You need to consider how quickly you need to move in. Some of our properties are already tenanted and are therefore not available straight away. Once you have applied for the property we also need to carry out your referencing checks, this can take up to 5 days to complete and we cannot move you in until these references are back and satisfactory. Please ensure you have looked at the availability date for that property on the advert, if you are unsure call us at the office to confirm this date.

We advise that you start looking for a property around 4-6 weeks before you need to move. Ideally we like to have you moved in within 4 weeks of you applying for that property (dependent on the availability date).

What if I …

…Have bad credit history/low income

If you fall into any of these categories it may still be possible for you to rent a property from us depending on your situation. In most cases we will ask for you to provide a guarantor*. It is always recommended you contact us directly to discuss your own personal situation.

Housing Benefit

If you are in receipt of Housing benefit. – Please be aware it can be the landlord’s insurer or lender that may have specified that they cannot let to a tenant in receipt of housing benefit.

…Am a Non UK Citizen

If you have not been registered in the UK for at least 6 Months we will ask you to provide a guarantor. If you are from outside the European Union we will also ask for your Visa as proof you are legally allowed to live in the UK and have the “right to rent” . It is always recommended you contact us directly to discuss your own personal situation.

*What is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is somebody who would be liable for the property and rent payments if you were to default on them. The guarantor must;

  1. Be over the age of 21
  2. Lived in the UK for over 3 years
  3. Have an annual income of over x 3  annual rent
  4. Other restrictions may apply & all guarantors must be fully referenced by us to qualify


All of our property adverts will specify whether or not the property will accept pets (bottom of the description). Usually if the property does accept pets we will ask you to leave the carpets cleaned to profession standard (how ever you choose to do this)  at the end of your tenancy. Any pet damage will also be taken from your deposit and you will be asked to pay an additional rent of £15 per month in rent and sign a Pet  Disclaimer.

We always advise that you call us directly to discuss your own situation and circumstances as they may differ from the above. If you do have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tenant Fees

Only Applicable to Company Tenancy Agreements

The only price shown in our property adverts is the calendar monthly rental cost of the property. Tenancy application charges and possibly other fees will apply but can vary due to a customer’s individual circumstances and are therefore excluded from the price shown.

All Below Fees Include VAT at 20%

  • £95 – Application Fee for each occupier over 18 wanting to reside in the property (paid the day you apply for property)
  • £95 – Guarantor Fee may be required if joint income is below 2,5 times the rent and/or applicants are under 21 years old
  • £210 – DVD and Tenancy Agreement Fee payable on day of move in for complete unbiased protection
  • £48 Check out fee to be taken from deposit after check out by Belvoir Property Manager

Other Fees during or post tenancy:

  • £18 Reference request fee – confirming your conduct throughout your tenancy for the benefit of a future Landlord, Agent or Mortgage Company.
  • £18 Late Rent Reminder Letter Fee payable – Charged if you are late with your rent
  • £18 Contractor Handling fee – for instructing post tenancy contractors to restore dilapidation’s from deposit
  • £60 Renewal of Tenancy if paying 6 or 12 months upfront
  • £85 1st Applicant Fee for Renewal of Tenancy when being re-referencing where paying monthly
  • £35 2nd Applicant fee (discounted) for renewal of a monthly tenancy
  • £18 For duplicate copies of tenancy agreements or other documents if lost
  • £30 Contractor missed appointment fee, if you have made an appointment with a contractor and you fail to cancel in good time and the contractor attends anyway.

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