Be Chain Free - Sell, Rent, Buy

A chain is not the best position to be in when buying a new property. It can be unpredictable, lengthy and force you into decisions that sometimes are not the best option for you. 

If you're in a chain here is how to get out of it…

If you want to buy a new home, then you should sell yours first.  Don’t worry about the hassle of two moves, it will be worth it – it’s a favourable alternative to losing the property you’ve set your heart on, simply because you haven’t sold your own.

 Not being in a chain works out best because:

·         You’ll get more money for your property (if you move into temporary rented accommodation)

·         You’ll probably be able to buy a new home for less money, as you’re a cash buyer – which is very attractive to a seller.

·         Your new home will be the right one, as you have more time to choose it.

·         Any modifications you may want to be done to the new property can be done before you move in, supervised from your rented home.

·         The money you make/save in doing this will easily cover the cost of moving home.


How to make the house you're selling more attractive to buyers in a few easy steps:

·         Make it as smart as possible:

o   Declutter and clean – essential

o   Make the garden look good – essential

o   Redecorate if necessary – desirable

o   Revamp the house – probably not necessary

If you present the house in the best condition it can be, the new buyers will see a wider potential. Even a quick clean and a freshly cut lawn can make all the difference. 

 The House You Would Like To Buy 

·         Making sure it’s the right one for you…

o   Visit it at different times of the day, doing this allows you to get a real feel for the property. Even if its just to see if the sun shines on the patio in the evening so you can enjoy the summer nights in you're new home. 

o   Is there enough space?

o   Can you make compromises?

o   What needs to be changed/modernised?

o   Look for problems – damp, “blown windows”.

o   Do your own research on the property, street, area.

Is The Price Right? 

·         Is the property priced competitively for both buyer and seller?

o   Do your research on all the portals (Rightmove, Zoopla, etc)

o   Offer a reduced price only if essential things are deficient – however, don’t expect to get a reduction for enhancing the property foryour own needs, it does not alter the value.

‘SRB’  - Sell, Rent, Buy. If you do them in order you shouldn't run into any issues! 

o   Buying and selling can be incredibly stressful. Make finding your dream home as easy as possible with three simple steps. S>R>B

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