The Value of an Estate Agency

Local Estate Agents 

For as long as there have been houses for sale, estate agents have been on hand offering a service that makes the whole buying and selling process as painless as possible. High streets up and down the country are filled with estate agency premises that offer a promise of a swift property sale or purchase.

People assume the whole procedure is a straightforward one, however, those that have actually tried selling their home or a property themselves know that it is not as simple as it seems. When a home owner comes to selling their home or perhaps looking to buy a new home, a common question they may ask is “where are the estate agents near me?”. This is when their search begins to find an estate agency they can trust and one that is established.  

Other questions commonly asked by buyers and sellers are; How much is a property worth in any given town or area? How can ordinary folk be sure of how much potential purchasers will be willing to pay for a property, or whether a house you want to buy is truly worth the asking price? What’s more, who has the time in a busy life to do the groundwork? This is where local knowledge comes in handy. It takes expertise to know and understand any market, but even more so for the property market. It makes sense for buyers, sellers or even those looking to rent to obtain the services of an estate agent who has spent years of training and time acquiring knowledge on the property market.

Some people just aren’t built to haggle or push for the best deal possible and it’s so easy to come unstuck during a negotiation, through lack of knowledge. Another reason your local estate agents are worth contacting. They are there to help clients that are buying, selling or renting to negotiate the best price possible.

Even when the price has been agreed and all parties are happy with the final figure, the job is still not finished. There’s a few more steps to go before the job is done. Mortgages have to be organised, schedules arranged and dotted lines to be signed on. It is in fact quite a complex process that includes legislation. At Belvoir we can help with these procedures, again making the whole process and transaction smoother and less stressful for you.