New vs Old (Properties)

New & Old Properties with Belvoir Sheffield

A topic that you will more than likely have came across when on the hunt for a new home is whether you want a new or old property. With a significant increase in new build houses of late and the recent 'help-to-buy' schemes ran by the government, the new builds seem to be a popular choice amongst first-time buyers. In saying this, you cannot ignore the quality and craftsmanship of the older style homes. We give some of the pros and cons below. 

New Homes

A lot of people often get attracted to the brand new properties because of its 'blank canvas' appeal with its fresh and clean feel. Sometimes housebuilders will give you the opportunity to suggest and choose your own furnishings emphasising the personalised touch. Energy efficiency is a big bonus with new builds as the majority are equipped with the latest heating and insulation systems. You're likely to enjoy a 10 year warranty with your new home too, covering construction matters too as well as other areas. 

For all that's good about a new home, there are of course downsides. Some of you may have heard the press talk about the lack of quality they are built with. Space can be quite hard to come by too as these property builders will try to squeeze as many properties as possible into a plot of land for maximum profit. Whether it is a significant structural issue or a series of small annoying snags, make sure you liaise with the builder to get these sorted. Delays can be a regular occurance with a lot of new builds as things don't always go to plan, often causing stress and forking out more money. 

Exisiting Homes 

If you are a fan of timeless house features an older property may be answer to all your housing questions as sometimes they come with spiral straircases and tall ceilings. Older properties usually come with a sense of character and a lot of history which you will ultimately become a part of. If you want a little project and have a creative eye, an existing property might be right up your street as they often need a bit of a renovation. You can expect to find these older properties in the heart of a village or area close to the local school, shop and even park. You're more likely to find a bargain in an older house than a newer one too!

You can probably guess some of the cons of older properties as they have time on their shoulders it would be bizarre for them to have no disadvantages. Wear and tear being one of them, expect to have potential damp, leaks and draft areas throughout the property. Due to their age, older properties also often have dated heating systems, which can mean it will take time heat the entire house- not great when you are trying to create your winter haven during the cooler months. Security is also something you may want to consider when buying an older property, as newer homes tend to have high specifications, and often include high-performance locks, burglar alarms and smoke alarms at standard, which older homes may not have.

Belvoir Sheffield Homes for Sale

It's one of the hardest decisions you will come across when buying a house so make sure you take your time to choose which style you want. Like everything, either style has their disadvantages but both can become the best homes. At Belvoir Sheffield we have a range of properties available that include new builds and older properties. We can help you find the right one!