Finding The Right Home in Sheffield

Estate Agents – Helping You Find The Right Home

When looking for homes to buy, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your tenth time buying, it’s normal for fears to develop about whether you’re making the right decision. Finding the right estate agents is a good first step to finding the right home for you. Professional estate agents will never pressure you into buying anything, they should only ever help you every step of the way. At Belvoir! Sheffield, we do exactly that. We do our very best to take all the pressure you may feel when buying your home and put it all onto ourselves.

It’s common to wonder how you will know whether you have found the right home. When it comes to viewing properties, often you will get a gut feeling as if it’s saying, “this is the one”. But when you get this feeling our advice is not to sleep on it, trust your instincts don’t second guess yourself and just keep viewing more properties looking for something you have already found. You might be thinking now – “why should I not sleep on it?”. Well when you’re busy sleeping or thinking on it, someone else could come along and take it from right under your nose. The chances are you aren’t the only person or people looking for a home to buy with your criteria in your desired area.

Finding The Right Home

We’ll give you a few pointers on what you may feel when viewing a home, if it is the right one for you:

You are excited to go inside the house – you already like the look of the house from the outside and the outside is making you want to see more. It may be different if you’re viewing an apartment, but you may already like the area and the building from the outside.

A warm embrace – first impressions inside the house or apartment are good, or maybe even better than the impression you got from the outside. When you first step foot in the home you already feel a warm embrace and comfortable inside. You could get used to this feeling.

Over protective – you’ve already become an over-protective home owner. The estate agent may point out a possible flaw with your potential home and you may feel like its an insult to you and your home before you’ve even moved in. If you’re sticking up for the house or apartment before you’ve already moved in, you’ve probably met your match.

 Decorating in your head – when you’re walking around the property and you are rearranging furniture and deciding which colour to paint which wall, you have definitely found your new home.

You don’t feel like viewing anymore properties – after the viewing you are already feeling sad about leaving and you can’t wait to come back. Looking at more properties can feel like more of a chore than exciting now you’ve seen the one.

If you get these feelings when viewing a property our advice is to not waste any time. Make a move, submit an offer, do whatever it takes to move in as soon as possible. You’re wasting time that you could be spending decorating your dream home if you don’t. If you want this feeling there is only one team to help you in Sheffield, and that’s Belvoir! We want to feel these feelings with you and move you in just as soon as you want to.