Service Personnel

We have particular expertise in the needs of Service Personnel who wish to let their property. A number of our offices are located in the vicinity of military bases. Please contact your nearest Belvoir office so that we can look after you.

Living Overseas - Expatriate landlords are advised to visit _landlords.htm, H.M.R.C’s website for comprehensive details of the Non-Resident Landlord’s Scheme and to determine if this scheme applies to your circumstances.

You must register if your circumstances match the criteria and consider dealing with this earlier rather than later, so that consent is in place as this will save you potential cash-flow problems associated with Belvoir having to deduct tax from your rent. Belvoir is legally obliged to deduct tax where applicable and will do so in all circumstances.

Having completed your application there will be no penalties if you ultimately decide against moving. If you do apply, you will need a reference for whatever agency you elect to use.

It is worth noting that if Belvoir is not collecting your rent, it is the responsibility of the tenant to deduct tax. This is obviously fraught with danger and might easily become a barrier to a tenant taking on a tenancy. In the event that Belvoir is instructed in any capacity other than Letting and Rent Collection, or Full Management, you will need to demonstrate to Belvoir that you are able to receive rent gross, or Belvoir will have no choice other than to inform the tenants.

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