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Monday: 9.00am to 5.30pm

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Viewings can be scheduled outside of these times by arrangement.

Reporting Maintenance Issues

If you encounter any maintenance issues during your tenancy, you may find it easier to e-mail us at a time most convenient to yourself.

When you report a maintenance issue, please try to provide as much detail as possible, including a description of the problem, the location, severity and any photos. In the subject field, please add the property address and the word MAINTENANCE.

Under normal circumstances, the process we follow is:

  • Arrange for contractor(s) to visit to assess the problem, the potential solution and costs involved;
  • Discuss with landlord and seek approval for the necessary works;
  • The contractor is then formally instructed to proceed and provided with your telephone and/or e-mail details so that they can contact you directly to agree a convenient appointment;
  • You will be informed if there is no action to be taken.

Some items are included in your tenancy agreement as a tenant obligation, so please consider the following before reporting any repair issues:

Blocked drains:

We can instruct a contractor to attend to blocked drains, but please be aware that if the blockage is due to in appropriate items flushed down the toilets or sinks, then this becomes a tenant responsibility and you will be liable for the call-out cost. As a first step, we would always recommend that an unblocking product be used as this can save unnecessary time and expense. Anglian Water manages the clearing of communal drainage channels.


Guttering should be cleared once or twice a year to prevent the build-up of debris and moss. The normal tell-tale sign is when birds start flicking moss over the path! Inevitably, such blockages can cause water damage and damp staining to the exterior and interior walls. If clearing the guttering does not resolve the issue, then it may be a more serious problem which the landlord needs to address.


Damp and mould are 2 very different problems.

Damp normally appears as a dark, wet-looking stain rising upwards from the skirting board. In all likelihood, this is due to an issue with the property for which the landlord would be responsible.

Mould and mildew is generally black in colour and found around window and door recesses and higher up on walls. This is most often due to the way you live in a property and, as such, is the responsibility of the tenant.

Mould and mildew is most evident during the Winter months. If you start to notice signs of this, please go through the following checklist before reporting the issue:

  • Are you using extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens?
  • Are you keeping the relevant doors closed whilst bathing and cooking?
  • Are you drying washing inside your home?
  • Is any of your furniture pushed right up to a wall, thereby blocking air flow around the room?
  • Are you ensuring that the property is adequately ventilated, ie. are you opening windows, trickle vents etc?
  • Are the curtains and blinds left closed even during the day?
  • Is the property warm enough to evaporate any excess moisture?

Mould needs to be treated as quickly as possible with a bleach-based solution to kill the spores and then painted over with a mould resistant paint. These products are now widely available in most supermarkets and DIY chains.

If the property is being properly ventilated and heated and a problem persists, a contractor will be asked to investigate further.


Please report all broken or fallen fences as soon as possible. We first need to confirm that the fence in question is the responsibility of the landlord, but if this is the case, we would normally ask for at least 2 quotes so that the landlord can make a choice on the repair.


It is the tenant's responsibility to replace bulbs which blow during the course of the tenancy and this includes extractor hoods.


Smoke alarms are checked as standard on the first day of the tenancy and during periodic visits, but it is a very good idea to also regularly test smoke alarms yourself. If they are not working or beeping, please change the batteries. If the alarm is still not working, please contact us urgently so that we can arrange for the alarm to be checked and a new one fitted if necessary.

If present, carbon monoxide alarms are also tested on the first day of the tenancy and during periodic visits, but again should be checked regularly. If they are beeping, please check the alarm carefully as this could mean that either the battery or unit itself needs to be changed or that the levels of carbon monoxide are too high. If you believe the latter to be the case, please open all windows immediately, go outside and report the issue URGENTLY.


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